Life is Wild Time-Lapse Flourished Calligraphy Video


There’s 1 spot left for my in-person modern calligraphy workshop in Utah this upcoming Thursday night! Snag it HERE before it’s gone. I’ll have a new list of upcoming workshops for March & April next week, so stay tuned for that next week. Can’t make an in-person workshop? Check out my online classes here: Modern Calligraphy, Brush Lettering & Pointed Romans

This week’s video is a time-lapse flourishing of the quote: “Life is wild and wild is beautiful”. It pretty much sums up motherhood exactly. Pretty grateful for my little munchkins, but they sure are insane. 

I really loved lettering on this darling ombre paper. It’s quite lovely with the walnut ink, once I turn off the light pad. But it’s light/thin enough that I can use the light pad and guides underneath. See links below to shop my materials…

The video is sped up 2x. The calligraphy in real life took me about 5.5 minutes to create. I don’t want you to think that I’m that fast at calligraphy. I mean, fast isn’t bad, but if you’re just starting out… it’s no bueno. I tell every single student of mine to SLOOOOOOOW down. And I’m sure fast-paced videos like this one don’t help, but no one would watch a 5.5 minute video of the real-time version. Would they? So I sped it up. And I’m telling you I sped it up so you can just relax and try to go slowly when you practice. 

This last week I spent recovering from PRK eye surgery, nursing a little June bug with croup & ear infections, trying to retrain Felix to sleep at night and spending one-on-one time with our Miss Penelope (who often feels forgotten with the chaos that Felix & Junie bring). It’s been a wild week for sure, but a beautiful one at that. Hence the quote. ;)

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