Freebie: Pyrography Designs for Playful Crafting

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Big thanks to KSL’s Studio 5 & Brooke Walker for having me on their show! I had a great time coming up with some clever design ideas for wood-burning and pyrography crafts. Click here to view.

If you’re interested in learning about my local calligraphy workshops, CLICK HERE! I’ve got workshops in October, November and December just about lined up and they’ll sell out fast.

CLICK HERE to register for October’s Brush lettering and Watercolor double-header with Natalie Malan! 

Next month’s workshop is going to be amazing. I hope to see you there! Let’s talk about pyrography shall we? 


Supplies needed: 

I found that finely sanded wood surfaces and harder woods (or wood with tighter grain) performed the best. Something to think about when purchasing craft supplies. 

See the spoon on the left? I used the same heat settings and tip, but the tip burned more because of the softness of the wood. The wood block on the right is a harder wood and had a smoothly finished top. I got much finer results. 

Adding elements doesn’t have to be pre-determined. Or stressful. Simple dots or stripes totally work! Add some flora to create more depth too. See above for some ideas. Feel free to use below for inspiration and rub onto your projects. Click on the images below to enlarge. :)

You’re free to use these graphics for personal use. I’d love to see your work! Share pics and tag me @melissapher with images of your awesome projects!

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    1. carolyn y miolli says:

      I really like your work. I am new to this crafting. I bought a really small starter kit. The tool you show above looks awesome, how much is it, and where can i buy it. Thank you for sending me free patterns..

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