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Before & After: Basic Leather Chair


This post is sponsored by Leather Hide Store. Find a massive variety of high quality upholstery-weight leather at a great price. Connect with Leather Hide store on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. See their upholstery guide here. I’ve had this seat for gosh nearly 3 years. It’s been patiently awaiting a loving touch in the corner of […]

Before & After: Leather Photo Stool


This was the easiest thing I did all week. If you have a similar stool, you might find the same to be true. I bought this stool from a neighbor for $10. Chris has wanted a stool for playing the guitar, but we haven’t wanted to invest anything yet. When a neighbor posted that she […]

Before & After: Utah Sweet Savings


I love a good before and after. This one is a doozy. (click to enlarge) I met Becky back in August at a round-table where I taught about the DOs and DON’Ts of web design/layout for bloggers. We had a little time at the end so I did a few open critiques. Becky said I […]

Before & After: Rocking Chair


Chris and I made over this chair years ago. We found it at a second hand store in San Mateo for $30 and was clearly in need of some TLC. The previous owner had tried to make it over with a half-hearted effort and a can of black spray paint. This was our first rework with […]

Before & After: My Old Chairs


Do you remember this chair? I bought a pair of them off my friend for $10. I always had the ambition to reupholster them, but while we were at our last house, that ambition died and I sold them to my cousin’s wife. I was happy to sell them to her, because I knew they […]

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