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Here’s another shameless plug for all of the design work I’ve been doing.

The last few weeks I’ve been focusing a lot on hand-lettering. I named the collection Thesaurus, because each kit has eight different ways to say one thing. Here are a few of my favorites.

{oh, hello! kit: $1.99}

{so pretty! kit: $1.99}

{play with me! kit: $1.99}

{oh, baby! kit: $1.99}

{gee, thanks! kit: $1.99}

{oh, sweet! kit: $1.99}

Can you tell that I’m obsessed with cursive & calligraphy? Today is “release day” for this kit, so you can buy the entire collection here at 30% off ($6.99) for the next 24 hours.

I don’t design with an eye so much toward scrapbooking as toward general print applications.  This word art and the rest of my Digital Design House work is meant to be versatile enough to use on web pages, personal cards, silkscreens, iron-ons or anything decorative. I get a lot of inspiration from seeing my artwork in action, so let me know what you do with these kits! I’m a sucker for uploads to the flickr group and/or comments.

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    1. rachel says:

      these are all really sweet. wonderful work!

    2. Sarah says:

      I love these! They’re so fanciful and light and happy. Put a post on my blog about them. thanks for sharing.

    3. Suzanna says:

      I love them, but I have a question. Are these fonts or are they word art (as in precrafted words)?

      • Melissa says:

        Great question, Suzanna!

        These are NOT fonts. Maybe someday, though. They are prescribed words saved in .PNG format (raster image) with a transparent background at 300DPI. You don’t have the same versatility as a font, but you can layer over elements, scale and colorize.

        If you have any questions about it, let me know.

    4. Lindsay says:

      love these! i’m totally loving the hand drawn type and calligraphy right now! so beautiful!

    5. gwen says:

      these are gorgeous. do you do these digitally or by hand? i am just starting to learn some roundhand calligraphy, though I am having a hard time finding the right pen, if you have any recommendations…

    6. Jenn says:

      So pretty Melissa! Work that pen…

    7. love these! I’m trying to decide on what ones i love the most…..

    8. Amanda says:

      Love love love them all! Any chance they’ll ever be made into fonts?! I’m a bit of a fontaholic :)

    9. Kathleen says:

      I love these! Melissa, you’re so talented. I can’t wait to think up a project where I would use these (along with your amazing backgrounds and other scrap elements).

    10. I love your work, and since I am a graphic designer , I will be using your website as a resource for downloads!

    11. Jessica C. says:

      PLEASE make them into fonts!! I was really hoping they already were. I play with graphic work (so far just for fun) and quite a few of these would be perfect for some logos my friends want me to make…. I would SO rather buy yours then letter them myself!
      BTW I love all of your stuff I am always excited when you post!

    12. I am in complete awe of your talent! I am buying them all.

    13. lovely typography! your blog is just gorgeous and i’m definitely bookmarking!

    14. Stephanie says:

      Gorgeous fonts Melissa…well done!

    15. Another plead for these as fonts.
      ‘gorgeous’, ‘dance’ and ‘baby’ – that would be the perfect font i’ve been looking for.
      I can never find any calligraphy fonts that don’t look dated but yours are gorgeous.

    16. heather b says:

      hi, are these kits still available or for sale, i want them all! :) please let me know!
      thanks so much…heather

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