T&C: Antiques and Ogden


I’m really excited about Thrifty & Chic! Last week I was just thrilled to read all about your thrifty adventures. Thank you so much for sharing them with me. Seriously, keep it up. I love a good thrift story.

This last weekend my friend, Susan, was so kind to let me tag along with her and Caitlin (super cute interior decorator with tons of great ideas) on an awesome thrifting/antiquing adventure. We headed up to the antique show up in Ogden and just ooh-ed and ahh-ed over nearly every single piece on display. There were some stunning pieces of furniture that would’ve looked so charming in my multi-million dollar dream home. You know, the one? The one that’s in the Presidio in SF.

I think my favorite part of the whole excursion was discovering vaseline glass. It’s made out of uranium and glows neon green under black lights. SO rad. I feel a little lame I didn’t take my cool camera with me, but I did manage to snap a few pics of some things I thought were awesome. If you’d like to see it, check out my whrrl story about it.

Although the prices weren’t bargain basement awesome, Susan and I still walked away victorious. See, I’ve been just dying for a felt cloche. I’ve wanted one since I discovered the handmade cloche hats of Behida Dolic. OH. MY. GOODNESS. They’re stunning. If I were a million times richer, I would buy every single hat in her shop. I’m sure you’ll agree with me. Since I can’t justify the $300+ price tag, I’ve been searching high and low for one that’s just right. I snatched up my little hat for $17. Not bad, right? I’m not usually one to spend over $6 on any item of clothing, but I was surely willing to make an exception for this beauty.

After antiquing we did some more thrifting. This was where we found the bulk of our goodies. Luck was surely in our favor. Or mine. Susan found the most awesome moccasins, but they were my size, not hers. I’m sure she was re-evaluating our friendship at that point, but lucky for me she’s a forgiving soul. I’m just gushing about my new moccasins. Who $6 could be this hip?

I went a little crazy with the melamine plates. There are many things that make my heart all gushy, and one of them is good old melamine. There’s something about the bright colors and smooth finish that I just LOVE. I think I’m going to plan Penelope’s second birthday around these colors. The lady at the checkout stand was really, really nice to me and gave them to me for 33¢ a piece rather than the usual 50¢. Sweet.

Did you find any good deals over the weekend? Please share in the comments, or email me! I’d love to hear!

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    1. marissa says:

      i’m always SO inspired by you… :)

    2. Erin says:

      I am SO coveting your cloche. I have wanted one of those forever!! When I was younger we had a bunch of my great-grandmothers hats for dress-up. I wish my mother hadn’t gotten rid of them.

    3. Melissa says:

      Isn’t it just a travesty when our loved ones get rid of their cool stuff from the past? My mom got rid of a pair of Frye boots about 6 years ago, and regrets it all the time. I regret it, too. I’d sure love to have inherited a pair of Fryes.

    4. Megan Elizabeth says:

      Super cute plates btw :)
      So my thrift story: I went to Village de Valeur, which is the Quebec version of Ontario’s Value Village, and I found the cutest pair of gold flats ($10), I bought them because my current pair of gold flats (yes I have an obsession) are falling apart.
      A few weeks later I take notice of the label in them. Hmm Jeffrey Campbell.. that sounds familiar. Two seconds of googling and bam I find them on ebay. Last time I checked they were going for $60 dollars.
      Talk about a deal :)

      • Melissa says:

        What a deal, Megan! And besides being a deal, I LOVE Jeffrey Campbell shoes. They’re always so freaking hot.

        I’ve not heard of Value Village, but I’m heading over to google maps to see where the closest one is. I may have to make a visit!

    5. emily says:

      love love love the plates.

    6. Jandee Jones says:

      I love the cloche! And it looks so lovely on you. I have a light green one I picked up a couple years ago, but sadly I never seem to wear it out, its one of those things where I’ll put it on and ten seconds before I head out, I end up second guessing it and taking it off. I think its buried in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, but looking at your pretty picture makes me want to go dig it out and WEAR IT!

    7. jackie says:

      love those plates. where did you get them in ogden?

    8. Kathi says:

      Very nice finds! I had some luck at an estate sale this past Saturday. Found an old red recipe box, some great 50’s eyeglasses with aqua and pink details on the bows and a simpled white pitcher to add to my stash of white pitchers. And in a shameless plug, some of these will be in my daughter’s etsy shop, elizabethwrenvintage. We have Value Village here and it is always a fun adventure- hope you find one too.

    9. Jen says:

      I have started to collect white Fireking bowls, cups, etc. I can’t afford to touch the jadeite, and even if I could I’d be afraid to use it. Plus, even though I love that hue of green, it matches nothing in my kitchen, so bargain white it is. And you know, I think I love it more just because it isn’t as desired!

      • Melissa says:

        I’ve not heard of Fireking bowls before. They’re really, really cool. I can only imagine how awesome an entire collection of Fireking bowls and cups would be!

    10. jane says:

      I did not find any good bargains this weekend…even if I did, they wouldn’t ever be as cool as yours!…but I just want to say that I am LOVING your hair right now. you look great, melissa!

    11. Kathy Clark says:

      You sound like me. I love a great thrifty find. Nice site you have here.

    12. Anna says:

      Sigh. Melamine. Isn’t grand to discover new thrift-store pieces?

      And. I love the plates. My grandmother had the very same pattern.

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