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I’ve been slowly collecting thrifted boots for some time. I love boots. I realized how much I loved boots around my senior year of college when I discovered that walking through snow in boots wasn’t nearly as miserable as with flip-flops. It was also then, that flat boots were starting to get not-ugly.

I’ve got 4 1/2 pairs of thrifted boots. The half is because I lost (I don’t know how) one of my black cowgirl boots. Just one. One! Grrr. The other boot just sits there in the closet taunting me, You know you want to wear me. but, wait. . . my mate just randomly disappeared in the abyss of the basement. OH! Too bad. Looks like you’re going to have to wear the SAME boots you wore yesterday. HA. HA! Sometimes I have little temper tantrums about that while I’m getting dressed. Sometimes Chris thinks I’m a 12 year old trapped in a 25 year old’s body. Sometimes he’s right.

Usually it’s during the summer when I find the best boots, but this last week was an exception. Do you want to see the break-down of each boot? Here we go. . . (from left to right)

  • The taunting single boot – $6: These were the first thrifted pair of boots I ever bought. I love the detailing on the boot and the uber-pointy toe.
  • SF throwbacks – $8: I always complained how bad the thrifting was in San Francisco, but I found these gorgeous babies there. They weren’t that expensive, either.
  • 80s Yugoslavian Boots – $6: These suede babies have such cool detailing on the side. I just wish they weren’t black so the details would be more pronounced.
  • Old School Riding Boots – $4: Whoever owned these fab boots before me was a real cowgirl, because they were worn in as if they were always in horse stirrups. Seriously.
  • Black Beauties – $6: Like I said. I love my newest addition. They’re beautiful and delicious to the touch.

I love my four pairs of boots. I added the fourth to my growing collection just last week in the same shopping trip where I scored the hideous dress. I think these boots are gorgeous. They’re in excellent condition, made from top notch leather. I really like the leather details on the back and that the boot rises higher in the front. They’re also surprisingly comfortable to wear, even with a broken toe!

Are you riding the boot trend? I personally love my thrifted boots, but so many of my friends are freaked out by the thought of wearing previously owned shoes. Are you the same way?

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    1. Jill says:

      I have no problem wearing thrifted shoes. Especially cute ones like these!

      I need to go thrift store shopping with you. You seem to have the best luck with it.

    2. Britta says:

      I really miss Utah’s thrift stores. Central PA’s just aren’t cutting it. I’ll wear anything thrifted in good condition, and even wear a coat that has a completely torn liner because I love it so (and am too cheap to have it re-lined).

      I adore a good pair of boots, they can’t be beat. Love your riding boots the best, but they’re all fab.

    3. Erin says:

      I would wear thrifted shoes or boots if I could find anything worth buying. I have yet to come across any great footwear in all my years of thrifting. Kind of hard to believe but it’s true!

    4. That’s one thing I never seem to have luck with…boots. Boots in general, thrifted or brand new. I have, shall we say, muscular calves but small feet so it seems I can’t find any that fit correctly.

      It doesn’t stop me from trying, which usually results in embarrassment and some sales clerk giving me the fish eye like, “lady, I know you can’t afford to buy those boots when you bust the zipper trying to get them over your “muscular” calves”.

    5. Marie says:

      Oh, SO cute! I’ve got to get a hands-on tut from you!! You need to host a class on this! I’d pay mega bucks to know how to take in clothes like that!

    6. L says:

      I don’t care about other’s feet…just swing them by the bowling alley for some of that anti-HIV spray ;) I only WISH we had delish boots like these at our local garage sales and what not…
      actually I don’t think we even have garage sales here :(

    7. gwen says:

      those red ones are to. die. for. i’ve been looking for some like that for years, they are always either too small or super expensive.
      if you wear a 9 and ever get tired of them….

      i thrift everything, though most of my shoes are new, but that’s only because like you say SF is totally picked over so it’s hard to find anything that’s 1. the right size 2. attractive 3. not totally falling apart.

    8. Amy Noorda says:

      I made myself choose between 2 great pairs of boots last time I was at the thrift store. The ones I got were amazing and I love them, but I think about the one I left behind…some thigh high black boots w/ a few motorcycle-esque buckles on the sides…at least once a week. Ok, maybe more. AHHH, why didn’t I buy them? 10 bucks!! I passed on the coolest boots ever for 10 bucks. Yes, as you can see, I am not over it and it’s been weeks. Thanks for letting me share. Small step in my recovery, I suppose. Anyway, enough about me, I love your collection!

    9. Heather says:

      love your style. I love to wear boots. sometimes i get looks. living in flip flop weather 24/7 adds to those looks. but i don’t care.
      ps. great re-fashioning on the dress. A cute top and a darling dress – love it!!

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