Are you getting sick of my printables, yet? If you’re not, good. If you are, suck it up; I’ve got one coming your way today.

Today I’m participating in a DHD blog hop. YUP. SO FUN! The idea is that you start at the DHD blog and make the rounds to each designer’s blogs and pick up freebies along the way. By the time you’re done, you’ve got an entire kit of awesomeness on your hands. Pretty rad, right?

I know there are a lot of non-digital folk out there, so I thought I’d do something that everyone can use. A printable box. I hope you like it. The final dimensions come out to 2.25 x 2.25 x 2.25 inches. Click the button above to download.

Hop forward by clicking on the left, hop backward by clicking on the right.

Here’s a little preview of the artwork you can expect to get if you participate in the blog hop. Man, that’s a load of artwork! Isn’t the color scheme so fun? I love purple & green.

This printable is free for personal use. If you would like to use this printable commercially, please email me. Thanks!

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    1. aud says:

      CUTE!!! Love the pattern on this!

    2. Alisha says:

      I could never get sick of your printables! They are fabulous! Thanks so much for all that you create and share. Hugs!!

    3. Tammy S. says:

      This is sooooooo cute…thanks for the box template.

    4. yanina says:

      thank you. how can anyone get sick of printable? you rock.

    5. rhonda says:

      Very cute! I’m new to your blog via the hop. What do you print your Printables on? What weight of paper or what kind of paper? I’m a purely digi gal so far, so it’s not as dumb a question as you might think. This would be perfect for my niece’s birthday.

      • Melissa says:

        Great question, Rhonda!

        I usually print my boxes on a standard uncoated cardstock. I like to use a 110lb uncoated cover stock if I have it on hand.

    6. rhonda says:

      Well, now that I know, I am sure I will! Thanks.

    7. Ann says:

      Of course I’m not sick of your printables – they’re fabulous! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!

    8. summer says:

      never tired of your cuteness! keep it comin’.

    9. ramona says:

      blog hop. what fun. it will be so great to get newq inspiration. thatnk you for making this possible. and off I hop…


      Are you getting sick of my printables, yet? If you’re not, good. If you are, suck it up; I’ve got one coming your way today….

    11. Amy Evans says:

      thank you, thank you!

    12. Jamie says:

      I could never get sick of your printables! Thank you for learning to share when you were 3 :-)

    13. Limar says:

      Lovely box, thanks so much :)

    14. Chey says:

      Thank you so much!

    15. Beth says:

      Feeling very dumb because I can’t seem to download it! Am I missing a button somewhere? It sure looks gorgeous.

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    17. Shay says:

      Printables are wonderful and this one in particular! Thank you so much!

    18. Ruthanne says:

      thanks!! Love the little boxes. :)

    19. Marci says:

      How could anyone get sick of such delightful creations given from such a warm heart. Thank you for sharing this with me. I just happened to stumble across this blog train and I have discovered a whole new world here.

    20. Vicki says:

      I feel like a kid in a candy store only better with your printables. thank you!!!

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    22. neli says:

      i love your stuff!!

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    24. safira says:

      I love it so much!!!!! it can spend me alot..tqvm for all of this sweet template!! great!!

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    26. magda says:

      thanks ,very nice template

    27. Laura says:

      hola me encanto los pattern y quiero saber como puedo adquirirlos??? gracias

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