I’m Ready for Summer


I’m almost wishing for 110ยบ weather. Almost.

Instead of dancing around hoping that it will please mother nature enough to let the sun come out and play, I made a skirt. You know. . . just in case the sun comes out for more than 15 minutes in the next 6 months. Now the sun is out! I must have done something right. ;)

I made a sweet little mid-waisted jersey skirt from an XXL men’s shirt. It was so easy. I spent 30 minutes sewing (15 of which were pinning the skirt to the waist) and $2 total. Not bad for a summer staple.

I did a muu muu refashion back in September that was very similar, but after seeing Susan’s method on her skirt tutorial, I thought I’d take her approach with this refashion. I like it much better. For the muu muu skirt I sewed the gathered material under the elastic, which created bulk in the wrong spot. So now I’m thinking I’m going to get my picker and re-do that one.

I’ve had XXL t-shirts on the brain recently. Can you tell?

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    1. tiffany says:

      lovely skirt! i want to get into skirts this summer too. :)

    2. Jill says:

      Your hair is getting so long!

    3. Ann says:

      Ooo it looks great – love skirts with leggings underneath. Much more flattering if you are over 18!!!

    4. Hot DANG you got some cool duds! I was gonna say “especially those tights”, but then I thought “and those shoes… and that necklace”, and then I realized: I like every single piece!

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