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Utah does NOT have an H&M. It totally bugs. If Salt Lake were to ever get a Trader Joe’s and an H&M, I think I’d be in big trouble, but super happy. Does anyone want to help me petition to H&M to open a Salt Lake store? I’m serious about this.

While in Arizona, I made it a point to go to H&M at least once. I probably could’ve gone two or three times, but I’m not sure Chris or my bank account would’ve really appreciated that. I was a good girl, though. I managed to get a bunch of awesome clothes for Penelope and a few must-haves for me & Chris without spending over $100.

H&M has the best kid’s clothes. In fact, their kids clothes are so awesome, my 18 year old sis-in-law and I both found some pretty sweet items for us in the tween department. I found so many sweet little things for Penelope, but this dress (above) was a must-have Easter dress. My jaw just dropped when I saw it in the store, it’s so precious! It was only $17, too! Score. I had planned on making matching outfits for Easter (like last year), but I don’t think I would’ve thrown together anything nearly this cute at the last minute. So, I had to have it.

I also found two awesome dress shirts for Chris for $12.50 each! The yellow shirt (above) is one of them. You can’t tell from the pic, but it’s a yellow and white pin stripe pattern. It looks really sharp in person. Chris likes his new shirts, but I think I might like them more. H&M makes fitted dress shirts. I can see Chris’s muscles better. I like.

Don’t they look so cute together!?

So, who’s with me on petitioning for a H&M in the Salt Lake area?  Shall we get started?! Contact H&M and let them know you want one. I did. Hope you had a great Easter weekend!

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    1. Tracey says:

      I just sent an email last week to ask if they had plans to open one in Dallas. I thought for sure they would see Dallas/Fort Worth with over 5 million people a worthy market for H & M. They said they had no plans for now, but they are always looking for new real estate. I think it is crazy how the map on H&M looks like a massive void in the midwest. Good Luck getting yours. I shopped in one at Seattle a couple of weeks ago and it just hurt my heart to leave the bargins behind. Not to mention how afforable and nice the clothing is. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and you keep your fingers crossed for me!!

    2. Oh, my goodness. Penelope looks SOOOO adorable in that dress!!! I almost want an adult-size one for myself…

    3. Madeline says:

      I have never shopped at an H&M (as all my shopping tends to happen here in SLC). Every time we travel and I try to convince the hubs that I should go shopping there he says, “You can shop anywhere! We’re only in San Francisco for X Days!” So, it hasn’t happened yet.

      I love the dress. And that shirt is fab!

    4. I am so with you on this! I’m in Vegas right now for spring break with the family and I’m always trying to hop over to h&m. I love it! I’m off to join the petition!

    5. marta says:

      darling easter outfits! i am so so so with you on the h&m. it’s my favorite. i just stopped there on a trip to vegas and loaded up on him li’l button downs for my boy. they have such cute plaids these days. i even called the store to get more of something but they said the wouldn’t take ‘over the phone’ orders! can you imagine?! a store that wouldn’t take my credit card number?!! crazy. maybe because they play hard to get that we love them so much. love that h&m.

    6. Erica says:

      OMG your daughter is seriously the most beautiful thing I’ve seen in a very long time – adorable easter photos!!

    7. Faith says:

      I LOVE that dress and Penelope looks so cute in it. I’ve only popped into an H&M for a few minutes while traveling and so I didn’t even know they had kids clothes! I think I would achieve total retail nirvana if we got an H&M, a Trader Joe’s, and a Crate and Barrel (and I guess a Muji while I’m dreaming).

    8. Dari P says:

      You guys look great and I am dying over Penelope’s dress. I wish almost weekly that we had an H & M here in Utah. My family need their clothes! I went ahead and sent them a note as well. They would make a killing here! :)

    9. Amy says:

      That dress is the cutest! I so wish we had an H&M here too! I went to the one in San Francisco and loved it!
      I just sent them a message!

    10. robin says:

      h&m has the absolute best kids’ clothes. i love love love love it all. it’s the best!

      where’d you get penelope’s saddle shoes? i remember wearing them as a child and would love some for my girls.

    11. Erin says:

      You all look great!

      Oh how I miss living near an H&M! Good luck with your petition!

    12. unitb612 says:

      that is an adorable picture!
      it makes me happy to see a post that appreciates H&M, unlike some other snooty bloggers who prattle on with disdain and act all obnoxiously prosh! thanks for this-

    13. i’ll sign the petition. i love h&m!

    14. Mareen says:

      I guess I should appreciate more, that there are H&M stores in almost every city here in Germany. And if not there will always be the online store. Hope they will open an H&M store near you soon =)

    15. sara says:

      I live in Rome, Italy, and there are many H&M store here! I can’t believe there’s no H&M store in your area!! your Penelope is lovely girl in her dress, i hope they will open in a short time :))

    16. Margie says:

      Hi there,
      I just discovered your blog via WhipUp — WHERE HAVE I BEEN?! Love the jersey necklace, and your daughter is so cute! As for H&M, the location that sells kids clothes is 15 min away from me and I complain … I’ll stop that now.

    17. Cole says:

      Oh my goodness, I am dying! I am loving this dress so much, did they have it in a size 8? Haha just kidding but what a perfect find!

    18. Emily A says:

      I’m signing that petition! You’d better believe it! And while we’re at it, lets get a Crate & Barrel too for goodness sake! Her Easter dress is darling! And I love Chris’ new shirt too- we’ve just GOT to get an H&M already!

    19. Valery says:

      I just stumbled upon your blog recently and I love that you’re from SLC! I totally agree, we need an H&M. I’m secretly hoping they’ll put in the new ZCMI/Crossroads mall, a girl can dream, right?

    20. annie says:

      holy cow…i have a dress EXACTLY like penelope’s (except with a waistband) that i got at a thrift store in high school. same color, same sleeves, same pleats-everywhere, everything. so cool!

    21. Mandi says:

      I didn’t know H&M had fitted mens shirts! Thanks for the heads up. I’m in line at the invisible Utah H&M too. Someday!

      I love your work and love linking it! Thanks for sharing such lovely things with us all. We had a great Easter; hope you guys did too!

    22. Becky says:

      I sent H&M an e-mail. If they ever come to SLC I’ll be first in line. I love that little dress. How adorable.

    23. Tonia says:

      I read your post just a few days before we left for a trip to Chicago… OH BABY. Our hotel was one block from this store, and I did leave half of my monthly salary at that store. So much cute stuff.. great prices.. and we DEFINITELY need one here in SLC

    24. summer says:

      what a beautiful family!

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