Thrifty & Chic: Sunday Best


Chris rolls his eyes every time I buy a new dress, but I just can’t help myself. I love dresses!

earrings: Payless (won from a Chronicle Books giveaway)
necklace: DownEast $6
cardigan: the ModBod (free)
belt: dunno
dress: thrifted $6
shoes: thrifted $3

total: $15

Not bad, right? I found this pretty dress at a thrift store in Phoenix a couple weeks ago. I. LOVE. IT. It’s completely see-through so I have to wear a mega slip and an undershirt underneath it, but it’s totally worth it. I love the slightly irregular vertical stripes and the gorgeous (and possibly slightly kitschy) roses on the top & bottom. You can’t tell from the picture, but the super short cap sleeves give the shoulders a more boxy look when worn plain. Shoulders are so hot right now.

How was your weekend? Chris and I went to see Miike Snow in concert this weekend. It was awesome! They really know how to put on a good show. Everyone was singing and grooving along to their super hip dancy beats. We were incredibly lucky and ended up in the very front, less than 5 feet away from the lead singer. It wasn’t so cool when a bunch of drunk girls were trying to push us out of the way to take our spots, but Chris dominated with all of his 212 lbs of muscle. It was so funny to see how hard they tried. One of them probably played powder puff in high school because she was trying all sorts of football tackling moves. Silly drunk girls. My husband is bigger than you. So there.

We also bought tickets to go see Yeasayer on the 23rd. I’m SO excited for that one, too! I’m practicing my uber cool dance moves already. If you’re not familiar with Yeasayer, you NEED to go watch this video RIGHT NOW. Just try not to dance. You’ll find it completely impossible.

What did you do this weekend? Find any cool deals? Dance like a maniac? Craft like a crazy person? Do tell.

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    1. Laura says:

      (HI) YEA Yeasayer! I’m planning on going to that show too.. I absolutely can’t wait. We saw them a few years ago at Kilby Court…so amazing! Now for dance moves, if you see anyone at the show dancing like the guys in the psychadellic mc hammer pants in the vid… that would be me. I SWEAR they stole my moves!

      Love the outfit too! You make it look so effortless…

    2. I love your posts Melissa. Thank you.

    3. SO CUTE! love the brown from top to bottom. the dress is such an awesome find!

    4. Jessica says:

      that dress is sooooooo good. and I’m jealous of all your show-going. my husband and I haven’t gone to see music in forEVer. but we might get free Amos Lee tickets next week. maybe.

    5. yep, phoenix thrifting is pretty much the best :) love the dress.

    6. KAren says:

      so super cute! I love your blog! Thanks!

    7. Kathryn C says:

      I just have to tell you – I SO appreciate all your wonderful ideas/great style and designs!! I have a one year old too and it’s so inspiring seeing what you produce while having a family! Thanks and Blessings!

    8. Izzy says:

      that dress is so cute!

    9. SO cute!! Thanks for your kind comment on Color Collective today :) Made my day. Love your blog and work!

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