Everything Will Be Better. . .


I completely despise the attitude that warrants the everything-will-be-better-when mentality. I feel like it’s such a waste for enjoying the little things in the now. You know? I’ve fallen victim to this mentality this month. I keep saying things like: Next month will be SO much better, next month I’ll be craftier, next month I’ll take a nap, or two (Gasp!). I’m so annoyed with myself right now.

Things are nothing short of crazy around here. Penelope is napping less & less (what am I going to do without 4 continuous hours of naptime?!?!), I’m working on several projects in preparation for BlogHer and I’m working on this blog.

I’m tired and I feel like my creative juices are evaporating in this heat.

I found this gorgeous teal felt ric rac at the craft store a while back. I’m in love with it, but too intimidated to do anything with it. Isn’t it lovely? What would you do with something like this? Sew it onto a pillow? Use it to decorate a wrapped gift?

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    1. I am so guilty of this, to a painful degree. I always feel as if I am waiting for my life to start.

      Thanks for reminding me to quit it. haha.

      I love the idea of using the ric rac as part of a gift wrapping.

    2. Trina Curran says:

      Gosh, I find myself in the same place so many times. I have finally gotten back in gear and have made some things. Love the ric rac. I have some pretty vintage packs my grandmother gave me. I’ll have to watch to see what you come up with. It reminds me of that pretty blue you see in bedrooms…around pillows…that match the walls. :)

    3. jenni says:

      i feel you. I’m always in need of a timeout w/ me myself and i. i love the ric rac and think it would be so cute on anything. I’ll have to go buy some for something crafty i might do next week?

    4. Kirsten says:

      i think we’re all like you! (at least in some points in our lives) my problem is that i’ve lived (unwillingly) in rexburg for the past 8 years and we are FINALLY moving in 5 months. So, i have this mentality x 1000. EVERYTHING will be better once we live in Colorado, not idaho. But, we can only do what we can… and you’re always doing more than pretty much anyone else, ever. so, don’t get discouraged!

    5. Erin says:

      Such a good thing to remember! I have a little post it on my mirror that says Carpe Diem just to remind me of this very thing every morning. Some days it helps more than others ;)

    6. Jessica says:

      and i’m so tired of it! feels like treading water, huh? just trying to survive without ever really enjoying what is going on. i think part of that is just having young kids. there is always more to do/be and never enough time or enough of us to go around. i keep thinking that somehow magically next week/month/year i will be more organized, have more time, or SOMETHING. in the mean time, the days keep passing!
      thanks for the reminder to knock! it! off! and breathe in the simple moments of joy.
      deep breaths.
      and i recently used ric rac as a simple embellishment to an otherwise boring journal and love it!

    7. Amanda says:

      I’m not sure what I’d do with that, but I sure love the picture you took of it!

    8. Katie says:

      4 continuous hours??? Lucky!! My one year old sleeps for 2 if I’m lucky.

    9. So sorry life has been chaotic lately… I feel ya.

      Are you going to BlogHer? Oh my goodness, I SO want to meet you!

      As for the ric rac, I think it would look cute in diagonal stripes all over an upcycled shirt or canvas tote, maybe with some fabric flowers.

    10. Leslie says:

      I hear you.

      Sounds like you could use a pick-me-up. You should use the rick rack to embellish something of your own, like a plain white tee or a new skirt.

    11. The Monkey Underground says:

      kick back and enjoy a glass of ice tea and make a pretty headband out of that ric rac for you and your girl!

    12. Mary says:

      You’re doing great, hang in there! Your blog is always a delight.
      As for the rick-rack, I love love lllllOVE using it to embellish gift wrapping!

    13. How about embellishing some cards with it and all those other little bits you have {buttons, tags, punched shapes…} before you go to BlogHer so that when you get home with a stack of business cards, you have adorable little notes to write your small note and send off. You’ll feel so great that you were prepared and the recipient will feel special for having received a note from you and awed that you were able to send something out so quickly.

      Just a thought…

      And your blog is awesome!

    14. Margo says:

      i think this would make a fun trim to perk up a tired t-shirt!

    15. Kathryn C says:

      Thanks for such an honest and encouraging post! I’ve said that same thing a hundred times too. Love the color on the ric rac. I’ve put a few of my friends onto your blog lately and they’ve been extremely inspired by it (as I have been too)!

    16. melissa wood says:

      it’s nice to know that someone else feels like this on occasion!
      good luck figuring out the PERFECT thing for your ric rac. If anyone can do it, it’s you, my dear!
      also, thanks for the pass along for the blogHer thing! I’m racking my brain to figure out what I want to do for it. You are the bomb, my friend.
      good luck getting past this slump! I know you will soon!
      hope you have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY! it is, after all, the start of the weekend! WHOOP WHOOP! :)

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