Fashionable Bike Safety Before & After


Bike safety is no joke. I see SO MANY hipsters around Salt Lake cruising on their uber hip fixies sans helmet. It may look better to cruise without the helmet, but it’s stupid.

Don’t mind me & my soapbox, I’ll get down eventually. ;)

My senior year of college, Chris and I rode our bikes all over the place and never wore helmets. The last day of class, Chris got on his bike to ride to campus, the chain detached and threw Chris off his bike. In slow motion he fell and knocked the back of his head on the asphalt. It was a slow speed accident with pretty low impact, but Chris’s head was hurting for days. NOT cool. I was worried he had a concussion, but thankfully he didn’t.

After that, Chris took wearing a helmet seriously. It took me another 6 months before I unwillingly complied to buy a helmet and wear one – and I only agreed to wear one if it matched my bike. You think I would’ve taken wearing a helmet more seriously, because my brother (bicycle daredevil) has broken a helmet in half before from his crazy awesome bike tricks.

Long story short, the bike helmet I bought to match my cruiser doesn’t match my fixie, the bike I ride most often. It’s also seen better days. I felt like it was time for a facelift.

I used Krylon Fusion spray paint in yellow. Krylon’s fusion brand is awesome. It’s made to adhere to any smooth surface, especially plastic. It went on my helmet so easily & the finish looks beautiful. After I painted the helmet yellow, I made the decals for the sides to add a little more flair. This helmet is SO much hipper than it was before &  matches my bike perfectly. I need to go on a ride soon!

If you’re looking for some hip helmets to wear, try NutCase helmets (found via Kitsune Noir), they’ve got some rad designs. Stylishly protecting your head for $40-$50 isn’t a bad deal, either.

Do you wear a helmet? What kind of helmet do you prefer?

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    1. kelley blake says:

      Too cute! It looks fabulous! Now you just need to hop on your bike and take a ride around town! :)

    2. Katie says:

      Love the helmet update!
      I stopped riding my bike as a kid when my mom starting making me wear a helmet. I wish I hadn’t been so fussy about that. As an adult I’m trying to get back into riding again and I have been wearing a helmet. Since I’m not sure if the biking thing is a fad or long-term hobby, I actually got a really cute gray and peach helmet from Target. Once things get serious though I’m getting a Nut Case. Love those!

    3. CK says:

      Woah! That’s cool! Great job

    4. julie says:

      I don’t bike, but by darn that helmet might change that!

    5. Tracy says:

      So stylish! How did you make the decal?

    6. linda says:

      I love your updated skid lid. My bike helmets are boring and plain. However, I do look quite serious when I ride my mountain bike in the desert, because I wear elbow pads and knee pads as well. Rocks are darn hard, as is pavement.

    7. sday says:

      Awesome post and great for your willingness to promote helmet wearing. Any time you have fixie bikes or helmet needs… visit my husbands bike shop in Bountiful on Main Street. He’ll hook a blogging sister up! BIKE FIX 145 S. Main
      Love your blog.

    8. Shauna says:

      Me in my boyfriends Evel Knievel motorcycle helmet. I’ve since purchased a white one, and on the look-out for vinyl decals to spruce it up. I tweeted you about it and you were so sweet to tweet-email back!!! YOU NEED TO PRODUCE HELMET DECALS PRETTY PLEASE!! :)

    9. Emily says:

      I have a Nutcase Super Solids helmet in Vanilla Sky ( and totally love it! They are fun, retro fashionable and have so many awesome styles to choose from. Highly recommend.

    10. jen says:

      I just got a bike a couple weeks ago, and no, I haven’t got a helmet yet. I intend to, it just hasn’t happened yet!

    11. Melanie says:

      I used to not wear a helmet and then realized how stupid that was. I just have a basic bike helmet and it’s not so cute. And it leaves a nice good indention in my hair. I’d like to get another one and spice it up.

    12. Gail Sasson says:

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