GLCB: What not to font


Today I’m over at Good Look Cook Book sharing my opinion on over-used and hideous fonts and how to avoid them. Check it out!

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    1. Tracy says:

      You get a gold star for this post! I’m a typographer and appreciate you spreading the news about these eyesores!

    2. Lynette says:

      This was a great post! I agreed with everything you said.
      By the way, is that a hand-drawn font below on “the winner is…” ?

    3. Margo says:

      I quite agree with you about the fonts. Personally, I tend to prefer any that are ‘serifs’ fonts because I find them easier to read. I know they take up more space on the page, but I love them! Garamond is one of my favorites, as is Palatino Linotype. I’m not a fan of Arial – used for everything everywhere. Nice enough, but variety truly is the spice of life!

    4. […] finishing up some wedding invitations today, which made me think I should repost this baby: What Not to Font. This is always a fun topic to talk about, especially since this blog falls in the interesting gap […]

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