Happy Fourth of July!


Hope you had a happy fourth of July weekend! I sure did. My parents were here visiting from Charlotte, so we packed the weekend full of barbecues, pool parties & dinners.

Friday, my folks treated me, my siblings & our kids to Toy Story 3; Penelope sat sweetly on my lap the whole time & I just about bawled my eyes out. Friday night we hung out with my dad’s family and I got a peek at my uncle’s new iPhone4.

Saturday, my dad & I ate lunch at Bruge’s Waffles & Frites where we enjoyed the most delicious waffles & fries & fry sauce ever. Seriously. EVER. Saturday afternoon we partied with my mom’s family & went swimming. Not sure I’ve ever seen Penelope so petrified of water before.

Sunday, I barely squeezed into this patriotic outfit; I must’ve gained weight or something in the last month because that skirt does NOT fit anymore. Oh well. Sunday evening we dined with my grandparents; Penelope & her cousin had way too much fun playing with dress-ups, toy guns & water.

Of course I forgot to bring my camera to every single thing this weekend! I seriously missed out on some great photo ops. BLERG!

How was your holiday weekend? What did you do?

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    1. Chelsey says:

      So I have to know, WHERE do you go thrifting? I’m going up to SLC in a few weeks, and I’d love to know where to hit. I’ve been browsing your flickr photo stream, and you have fabulous taste.

      • Melissa says:

        I go all OVER the place. The best part about Salt Lake is that no matter where you go you can find some great deals! I would definitely make TOP priority to hit up Decades (between 600-700 South on State Street) and MisC (behind the Green Ant- on the corner of 200 East 300 South). I go to D.I. a lot, but I frequent all the different Salt Lake locations. They’re all pretty rockin’. If you’re going to be here on a Monday, be sure to hit up the closest Savers! They have two colored tags that are 50% off on Mondays, where most days it’s just one.

        Hope this helps! Enjoy your visit to SLC!

        P.S. Be sure to go to KoKo Kitchen (300 East 700 South) if you like Japanese food. Order a teriyaki chicken bowl or their pork ramen. So delicious!

    2. annie says:

      i can think of a reason that skirt doesn’t fit anymore. curly hair? tight clothes? hmmmm. ;)

    3. Melissa says:

      Aw, I got misty-eyed at Toy Story 3, too!

    4. Amy Lou says:

      Sounds like you had an enjoyable weekend. I need to still see Toy Story 3 – I loved the first two movies. I keep hearing people have cried at the end of it, which is a for sure that I will too. My holiday weekend was relaxing. Spent time with friends and family and had three days off, which is always a plus.

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