I’m Retiring from DHD


I finally stopped deluding myself into thinking I’d get more active about posting digital scrapbooking designs & came to grips with the fact that next month will always be busy & I just need to focus more on fewer things.

So, I’m retiring from the Design House Digital scene. Farewell! If you like any of my artwork over at Design House Digital, you better go over there & buy it. RIGHT. NOW. It’s all 40% off through the weekend. After the weekend it’ll all be gone.


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    1. Shaela says:

      good luck in your other endeavors! I love your digi designs and am off to buy a few. :)

    2. Nancy says:

      Good for you on the whole paring down thing. Your stuff looks great, though. DHD will be missing something without your fun style.

    3. Shay says:

      I love your digital designs and just bought a bunch. Good luck on all your future adventures and I will continue to check back at your lovely blog often.

    4. CK says:

      I do so love your love your papers… *sigh*

    5. Kathleen says:

      Your stuff there is so beautiful…I’m off to buy something, though a bit sad that you won’t be making more. But I’m glad you can feel a little more freed up now.

    6. vanessa says:

      I remember you saying you were thinking of this. Hopefully it is a stress of your back now!

    7. Amy says:

      Sigh. I missed everything at DHD. Will you be selling your products somewhere else? Best Wishes!

    8. Marisa says:

      I’m so sad that you are no longer with DHD because I just discovered your beautiful work. Good thing is I was able to pick up some of your work & purchased a blog kit. So thanks to you I am now a fellow blogger.

      If and when you do sell your products, please let us know when and where.


    9. Lynette says:

      Oh no! I was on vacation and missed my chance! Is there anywhere else I can see your designs and purchase them?

      • Melissa says:

        Thanks everyone for your sweet comments!!

        Just a little update, I have something really exciting in the works. I’ll be sharing it with the world sometime early November. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet, but it has something to do with my designs.


    10. Emily A says:

      Your designs were fabulous and I’m so sorry my scrapbooking habit took a nose dive. I got caught up with photography & some other projects going on and I’m so sorry I never got a chance to use and post layouts with your work. So sorry!!

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