Ruffled Fabric Skirt & Bloomers


I sorta binged a month or so ago with sewing projects & just stopped all of a sudden. Gosh, I’m feeling a tad rusty already! Well, last night while I was procrastinating doing what I should’ve been doing (i.e. laundry & design work), I thought I should probably give the sewing machine some TLC.

Last week I received some awesome ruffled fabric from one of my sponsors: She sent me two yards, a petite sherbet ruffle and a more womanly brown ruffle. There’s something about the color of the petite ruffle that drew me in, it was probably the orange dreamsicle I ate that had something to do with it. Last night  I made Penelope a little ruffled skirt & matching ruffled bloomers in about an hour.

I was so excited about finishing my little skirt/bloomer combo I nearly woke Penelope to see if she’d be willing to try it on. Thankfully I had good self-control. That little girl needs her sleep! This morning when I had her try it on it was a little on the long side, so I just trimmed a little off the bottom. No big deal. There’s no need to finish your hems! Hallelujah!

I thought the whole ensemble turned out pretty darling. Can’t wait to make a mama version of this skirt!

Ruffled Fabric did not pay for this post, but were generous to supply me with some rad fabric. I’m just writing about it because it’s cool & I enjoyed working with it. That’s all.

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    1. Marianne says:

      Gasp gasp gasp! I don’t know if I can handle this, it’s so cute.

    2. Tamara says:

      That is too cute! How did you put it together? Is it an elastic waistband?

    3. How cute! I love this skirt!

    4. Chris says:

      These are some of the cutest Nelly pictures that you’ve taken. She’s really growing up. Great work Mel.

    5. Amy says:

      How cute! I want to make a big girl one for myself! P.S. your little model is a natural :)

    6. Vicki says:

      Your daughter is the most fashionable toddler I’ve ever seen :)
      she’s is adorable, and so is everything you make for her!

    7. Emily says:

      Darling! I love that you had to exercise self control not to wake her up. :)

    8. Elaine says:

      So cute!! She is definitely going to be a fashionista!!!

    9. Gail B says:

      what a fun dress!

    10. Rebecca says:

      That is adorable! My daughter has the same shoes your daughter is wearing. And that is the end of her cute outfittedness. She will never have a skirt so cute. I wish I could sew…

    11. Emma says:

      She really knows how to pose. There’s a budding fashionista. Love the skirt – you did a great job.

    12. monique says:

      The skirt is sooo cute!

    13. Helen says:

      So. Freaking. Adorable. I love coming to your site everyday.

    14. Peggy says:

      A naural born model! She knows how to strut her stuff! Oh, yeah, the skirt is cute, too.

    15. linda says:

      Ooooooo. She is just melting my heart away.

    16. Naomi says:

      The pinkness is so sweet! Love her!

    17. Ann says:

      So so sweet! She’s way too cute in the lovely skirt! So glad you got the sewing machine out.

    18. andrea says:

      She is incredibly adorable!

    19. maegan says:

      I’m diggin’ the skinned knee… thats one hard core mama!:)

    20. Annette says:

      sorry but possibly the worst outfit I’ve EVER seen on a toddler!!!

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    23. Candacec says:

      That is so cute and that fabric looks awesome!

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