In about a week and a half I’m going to have tomatoes coming out of my ears. I’m not sure what I was thinking, planting 4 tomato plants. Whatever. At least I didn’t plant 4 zucchini plants. Those things are practically noxious weeds.

This year is the first year that I’ve successfully planted a “garden” and not killed the plants (yet-there’s still room for that). Last weekend after I got back from EVO, they were looking all sad, like they hadn’t been watered much. I thought I was going to lose them, but as luck would have it my mom said it’s ok for tomatoes to dry out a bit every once in a while. They bear more fruit that way. NICE.

Early Girl tomatoes

The smell of the tomato plant just screams summer to me. I love going out there, watering them, fondling their leaves & then smelling my hands once I’ve come inside. That smell just takes me back to summers as a kid. The smell of fresh tomato & cracked pepper also takes me back. My mother is a crazy green thumb. I grew up with pear, peach, plum, apple and cherry trees, raspberry and blackberry bushes, tomatoes, beans, peas, armenian cucumbers, corn, squash, zucchini, pumpkins and grapes. I never knew how spoiled I was with fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables until I moved off to college to find out that store-bought produce doesn’t taste nearly as good as the fresh stuff. Mmm.

Pear tomatoes – the best!

Do you have a garden? What have you grown this year?

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    1. Jennifer says:

      We have tomatoes out the wazoo as well! We also have cucumbers, squash (glaore!), green peppers, and corn growing. I’ve made a post for my favorite tomato recipe: Tomato Dill Bread. It’s super yummy! Check out my blog to see the recipe:

      • Melissa says:

        I’m jealous of your cucumbers! I planted Japanese & Burpless cucumbers, but they were eaten by a pack of snails or something. I was so mad to see those hit the dust.

    2. Carolina says:

      Um… yeah… um…
      I have the zucchini plant over at my house… with, like, a million zucchinis. If you lived anywhere close to Vegas, I’d trade you a couple for some of those beautiful looking tomatoes!! : ) My tomato plants won’t be fruiting for at least another month…

      I’ve been looking up recipes to use up the zucchinis… ironically, the first one is today’s post:

      Have fun with all your yummy tomatoes! : )

    3. * TONYA * says:

      Oh how I love tomatoes. Tomatoes on toast with a dash of pepper, home-made tomato sauce for pasta and home-made salsa. Yummy.

      I just ventured outside today and noticed that the beginning of my ‘potted garden’ seeing as I can’t plant in the ground where I live is shooting up. I couldn’t be more excited. Lots of herbs and flowers and hopefully even a radish or two. I thought I should start small seeing as I’m not well known for having a green thumb. If all goes well, I’ll go bigger and better next year.

    4. rebecca orr says:

      Ahhh….the SMELL of fresh tomato plants…that is the best. And eating them right off the vine…yummy. Thanks for sharing…they look like they are going to be delicious. :0)

    5. Tacie says:

      My personal favorites are fresh peas. We planted about 1/3 of our garden as peas this year, and they are just beginning to actually be ready. I’m so excited, although I think I may be sick of peas by the end of the summer.

      We also planted tomatoes, squash, carrots, cantaloupe, string beans (yum!) onions, and we have a pear and two apple trees growing as well. I cannot wait until it’s all ready!

      • Melissa says:

        OH. MY. GOODNESS! If you get sick of the peas before the summer is out, you can send a bunch my way!

        I’m so jealous of your pear tree. There’s nothing like a fresh, juicy pear right off the tree. MmmmMmmm!

    6. linda says:

      I love fresh tomatoes, but I almost start itching just looking at those plants. I grow oranges, grapefruit, lemons and tangerines. I do really well just to keep those trees watered and fertilized. I have tried a few garden plants, but everything gets chomped by rabbits and squirrels. I have two pomegranate trees as well, but the birds get every single one of them.

    7. CK says:

      Salsa! I LOVE fresh tomato salsa. I just bought a whole bunch of plants yesturday actually. Tomatos, herbs and peppers. They are all on planters in the yard or on my kitchen window. Love em.

    8. Stacy says:

      Yup, we have three little garden boxes! One full of strawberries, one with green peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes – and other with sweet corn, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelon, zucchini and yellow squash! Gardening is so much fun!

    9. Natalie says:

      I just planted a few things from started kits from Target, of all places, and just had to re-pot them in bigger pots. I can’t wait to see what happens- I’m usually a plant killer and can’t believe they’ve gotten this far. I also planted sunflowers, basil, parsley and zinnias. All are alive— so far. :-)

    10. Megan says:

      My boyfriend insisted on planting all 6 cherry tomato plants that came in the carton. . . I’m regretting it. You said it perfectly, I’m going to have tomatoes coming out of my ears!! But the smell of the plant is worth it, I also LOVE that smell. Good luck with your garden the rest of the summer!

    11. We have tomato plants but no tomatoes yet. Let’s see we do have corn green beans, carrots, watermelon, and cantaloupe. YUMMMY. Any ideas why my tomatoes aren’t bearing fruit?

    12. Holly says:

      Tomato plants are one of my top 10 favorite smells. We have 18 in our garden right now! We grow a bit of everything. I especially love having fresh lettuce, arugala, and spinach. They grow very easily and taste so much better than what you buy.

    13. Britta says:

      We have 10 tomato plants! Ack! Our neighbors may be finding baskets of the fruit waiting for them every time they come home. Although with our insatiable need for fresh salsa, maybe not. We also have peppers, onions, herbs, squash, cukes, melons, pumpkins and gourds. And the thing is – that’s about an 1/8 of the stuff my mom grows.

      Gardens are my most favorite part of summer – and I love the smell of tomato plants!

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