Weekend Doodle


It’s been far too long since I’ve just sketched just for the sake of sketching. Seriously, far too long. It’s been even longer since I’ve painted with watercolor and even longer since I picked up my oil paints! This is a problem. I kind of forgot about it until I bumped into one of my college professors a month ago and he asked me what I was up to. Ummm. . . Errr. . . I blog. I love to blog. I just don’t paint much anymore.

That’s gotta change. I’m working on a couple of artsy fartsy projects that will give me the kick in the pants I need to clean the dust off my art supplies. This is what I did yesterday. Penelope colored the pages and I embellished them with a little fish motif. Did you know that I like fish? Koi especially. They’re beautiful.

Did you have a good weekend? What did you do?

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    1. Kelsey says:

      I love it!
      Get it giirrl

    2. Amy says:

      I am seriously amazed at how talented you are! And I wish you would make your calligraphy into a font!

    3. melissa wood says:

      who was it you saw?
      too funny! yeah, I can only imagine my response too! hA!

      love your doodle. it’s good to sketch from time to time, isn’t it? i think i’m inspired.

    4. Amanda says:

      Ah, I love koi fish too! <3 I had a painting be "honorably mentioned" when I was in high school of koi fish. :D

      My weekend was long. On Sunday, I returned home from a girls' date sort of day to find my diabetic cat pacing the exact same path in my bedroom and sniffing everything as if she had never seen my/our room before. She wound up spending nearly 24 hours at the emergency hospital and then at her regular vet while they evaluated her blood sugar level and tried to bring down her fever.

      So, my weekend ended awfully, but this morning her fever has broken!

    5. Sheryl says:

      WOW! I’m so jealous of your art skills! I really enjoy reading your blog, because it includes different types of crafts besides the usual sewing and scrapbooking (which I also love). But it’s a nice breath of fresh air. I also love that I get to learn about crafts that I am in no way familiar with. Even though they’re intimidating to try, it’s fun seeing you make awesome things.

    6. Angela says:

      Great sketch. If you love Koi, you must visit the Koi pond at Thanksgiving Point Gardens. Ah.Mazing!

    7. I love it! Doing something just for the sake of doing it is awesome. As for me, sometimes I do nothing, just for the sake of doing nothing. By the way, I love your site design. AMAZING!

    8. Lindsay says:

      you’ve inspired me here with your talks of sketches and oil paints.
      your talents are amazing. can’t wait to see what happens when you put those painting hands to work. thanks for all the pretty thoughts and works you share here. love, lindsay

    9. Lindsay says:

      and i agree with sheryl – the real art posts are such a breath of fresh air in this crafty-blog world…

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