2 Second Craft: Leather Mousepad


While blog surfing the other night I came across Domestic Nest’s post about handmade leather mousepads. I totally agree with her post, they’re the perfect man-gift for that person-who-has-everything, aka DAD. You know what my dad wants forĀ every birthday & Christmas? Happy children.

Regardless of birthdays, Chris & I have desperately needed to replace our sad mousepad. We bought a round mousepad from Ikea years ago for $1. It has served us well, but it’s in a sad & sorry state now. As soon as I saw Summer’s post I snagged the nearest scrap of leather, traced the shape of our old mousepad on the back & cut it out. BOOM. Motoring around our 24″ of screen is so much better now! The leather isn’t nearly as thick & juicy as the one available on Summer’s etsy shop (which is a cool etsy shop, btw), but it does the trick. Love it.

P.S. No pics of it on our desk because our desk is in a dark & scary dungeon.

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    1. summer says:

      oh my! we’re so flattered! thanks for the mention, melissa! your diy mousepad looks super cute. free shipping and/or customization for any ISLY readers out there who need a fresh new mousepad.

    2. Jill K says:

      I will cut mine into the shape of a cat head. that’s how i roll.

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