Another Purple People Eater


Since I made the last stuffed creature, I’ve been meaning to make one similar & let Penelope keep it. I’ve made quite a few of these little monsters, but I’ve given them as gifts every time. They make for great gifts for boys or girls, by the way.

This one was a tad tricky because I made super long stuffed arms on this creature. Pinning took a good 20 minutes. Overall this thing was about 40 minutes in the making. I love the fabric on this little guy. Part of it’s solid, part of it’s striped. I wish I had more than a couple of scrap pieces of this fabric. I’d love to make Penelope some overalls out of this stuff.

Penelope is starting to catch on to the word “present”. I got a package in the mail yesterday (Miracle Jeans = awesome) & Penelope got so excited to see what it was, she was jumping up & down yelling, “Ped’nt! Ped’nt!” It’s cute how she mispronounces the word. When I told her I had a present for her this morning, she was very excited. Unfortunately, her excitement for the new toy wore off around picture 4. She did pick it up a couple of times after that, but I’m not so sure she’s all too thrilled about her new ugly doll. Only time will tell.

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    1. Erica says:

      Very cute little stuffie! What a special toy!

    2. sday says:

      I love the fabric choice for this project! Quick question – I presume you used a bleach pen to make the cute face and double heart on the doll. I’ve been toying with bleach pens on shirts and it is bleeding so much that the pattern isn’t showing well…. any tips?
      Thanks- I love your blog and would be happy post a link to you on my blog.

    3. You read my mind. This baby toy is just what i want. Thanks for sharing.

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