Boats & Stripes


Thanks to Susan I’m seeing stripes everywhere.

I saw this little yellow & white striped shirt at the thrift store the other day & couldn’t pass it up. It’s so cute & in awesome condition for being somewhere around 15-20 years old (based on the tags). My neighbor’s son just had his first birthday so I wanted to do something thoughtful & possibly handmade. There’s something so foreign to me about making gifts for boys, maybe it’s because I have a girl & I am a girl. Maybe.

I had a bunch of black heat transfer material that I got with my Silhouette, so when I saw this shirt in the thrift store I knew exactly what I needed to do. I wasn’t sure if I was going to do a robot or rocket ship, but when I started thinking about the stripes on the shirt I knew it had to be nautical.

It took me less than 5 minutes to cut out the design and iron it on! I love how slick this is! I think I need to get more colors of this heat transfer stuff. It’s rad. It almost looks & feels like dried silkscreen paint. I’m a huge fan.

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    1. C B says:

      I bought my silhouette with the coupon code you posted ages ago and I’m addicted. I now have over 10 colors of heat transfer and I also already own a Yudu……. I now use them both depending on the complexitiy of the design!

    2. wow, awesome! That cutting machine is great

    3. Emily says:

      Love it!

    4. heather j says:

      What a cute find! Love the stripes. They def. needed a sailboat. I’m kinda jealous of your silhouette machine.

    5. kirsten says:

      i recently got a second job and have been neglecting all blogs and sites i used to daily read- except this one. i still squeeze in the time somehow. i just love your stuff- and congrats on baby dos- wish i could talk my husband into that :)

    6. The Monkey Underground says:

      cute and Im so envious of your silhouette!

    7. Jessica says:

      what a great color combo!

    8. Sarah says:

      Very fun. My sister has a silhouette and we did the rhinestone thing with it. Way fun and easy — and maybe a little less foreign, since it’s for girls.

    9. Becka says:

      What a beautiful yellow. Neat job!

    10. melissa wood says:

      okay, that is AWESOME.
      i am in love with your mini shirt. I might need to just go out and purchase one of those silhouette doo-dahs. ASAP.

      oh brother, and you’ve also convinced me to get the WACOM tablet too. if you buy any other new contraptions, you know I’ll need to get it too. :)

      Keep up the fabulous work. Can’t wait to see what you do next. Hope you’re feeling good with your little “bun in the oven”. It’s crazy, b/c you worry and wonder how you might DO two, but it is great. Even better than one, if you can imagine it!

      Lots of love to you, you crazy busy girl!
      love melis

    11. Laura Chavous says:

      Got to love a true vintage shirt. I got my four year old daughter one very similar to this one recently. Hers is mint green blue and white stripe and It Cost A Whole Dollar. Vintage jcpenny!!!

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