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I got home from my whirlwind NYC trip late last night. Getting off the plane & stepping into the SLC airport was like taking my first real breath in 4 days. It was quiet, calm, open and didn’t smell like urine or garbage. AND. The air was dry. AHHH. Cool, dry, Salt Lake air! Oh goodness. I missed it.

While I was gone, my cousin’s wife, Christa – interior designer extroardinaire – FINALLY posted pictures of her home on her interior design blog. Christa & Josh invited us over to their home a couple of months ago & I was just floored at how gorgeous, simple & classy their home was. Not that it was a surprise; they’re very classy folks with great taste, I just never thought people actually lived in homes that look like they came from a magazine. I don’t normally write posts like this, but I really want to share with you details from their gorgeous, real-life space.

Christa brought new life to this couch by using such a gorgeous, bold & graphic textile. I love how it modernizes such an antique!

I love the juxtaposition of the über modern plexi-glass coffee table & the antique wingback. The upholstery is awesome, no?

Christa had an old (GIANT) chair upholstered in white to sit at the head of the table (so genius) and found someone to hand make her table. Again, she mixes antique with modern & I love it. To read more about her living space & what it looked like before, head over to Christa Pirl, the blog. All photos in this post are courtesy of Michael Tallman.

Now I’m going to take a nap. I need to catch up on my sleep.

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    1. I loooove the facelift that the couch got! The new fabric just steps it up to FABulous. so glad you shared this!

    2. Rug Restorer says:

      I love the fabric. Great design overall.

    3. tiina says:

      fabulous home, I’d love to see more pictures!

    4. claire says:

      Gorgeousness! The couch is my favorite!

    5. Christa Pirl says:

      Thanks so much for posting this, Melissa!

    6. Shaela says:

      wow, what gorgeous photos! I grew up in a house that looked like a magazine, haha. But my dad is an architect and my mom was a designer and they both loved antiques and traditional design so go figure, right?

    7. i am in LUV with the coffee table….stunning!

    8. Elaine says:

      I love it! Her style and aesthetic are amazing.

    9. Merri Cvetan says:

      It’s a great house. I love the contrast of traditional wall paper in the dining room with the scroll back chair paired with the simple, contemporary side chairs. Just lovely!

    10. That couch is positively amazing! What a find, and what great vision to turn it into such a modern piece. That’s the kind of project I daydream about!

    11. Jen says:

      Wow the wallpaper in the last picture is a.m.a.z.i.n.g!

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