Thrifty & Chic: Blue Suede Heels


I’ve been looking for blue shoes for a while now. I’ve got quite a few clothes in my closet that I feel would be better served if paired with a pair of blue shoes rather than black or brown. However, while searching for the perfect shoes, all thrift shoes I’d come across would either be matronly or plastic & gross. Last week my patience paid off & I scored a fabulous pair of blue suede shoes for $4.

Upon arriving home, I logged on to the computer & googled the mysterious “DV” label. It’s DV for Dolce Vita. This brand retails for about $80-120. Score. These shoes are comfortable, show just the right amount of toe cleavage & match practically everything I own! So happy to have found these babies.

Above is how I wore them to church on Sunday. Here’s the breakdown of my outfit:

  • cardigan – DownEast Basics $15 (50% off with employee discount)
  • top – thrifted & refashioned $4
  • belt – vintage from my grandma
  • skirt – thrifted $2
  • shoes – thrifted $4

Have you found any good deals lately? Please share links in the comments! Also have you discovered the glories of Groupon? Chris & I have & now he’s going to take me out to a nice steak dinner. Mmm!

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    1. quinn emery says:

      yup, i have found some great deals that i posted on my blog… I found a fossil skirt for 99 cents, and an ‘original’ beatles shirt for the same price. a sheet that is going to be an aporn…and other things, but you’ll just have to go check it out! :D

    2. the thrifty ba says:

      every girl needs a pair of blue shoes! love yours!

    3. Sarah says:

      Now that I see yours I need blue shoes – they are like jeans – they go with everything.

    4. Emma says:

      Great find. I agree, well worth the wait.

    5. Emily says:

      Love em!

    6. Nicia says:

      I found an American Girl doll for $1.00 at Goodwill a few months back. My heart was pounding (quite embarrassing, really) as the cashier rang it up and asked a co-worker if they realized how cheap they priced an American Girl brand doll. Pretty sure that was my score of a lifetime! …then a week later I found another one (but it was a knock off brand, still retails for $80.00 though) at a consignment store for $5.00. I bought it too. :)

    7. Laurie says:

      Ha ha, love the toe cleavage comment!

    8. b.a. says:

      so awesome! i love thrifting finds like that!
      and i loooove DV’s shoes. so great!

    9. Delishhh says:

      Just came across your blog love it! You have a new follower!

    10. jen says:

      So cute!

      Groupon is the best thing ever…get ready to be addicted!

    11. sometimes i wanna punch you cause you find the best deals and cutest stuff! but then again, your just soo incredibly cute you deserve it.
      and i never could really punch a cute lady as your self.

    12. julie says:

      Nothing gets me like a good find! Those shoes are to die for.

      Also thanks to you I am now a part of Groupon-let the deals begin!

    13. boo-yah! Awesome find, so happy for you! love the outfit you put together to go with your shoes…lovely!

    14. Maria Lynn says:

      lovely and great find! wow! :) love your blog, its adorable!


    15. Joan says:

      A bunch of Melissa shoes are on sale at Definitely worth checking out. They ship internationally too.

    16. Elaine says:

      Love’em. I’ve been wanting some suede pumps for a while!

    17. Katherine says:

      These shoes are amazing! Fantastic find! Perfect shade of blue.

    18. Laura Chavous says:

      This is so ironic reading this. I have been searching for blue round toe wedge pumps for months. No success yet but I have been successful at getting red peep toe flats$3 & $1 olive green canvas flats. Pure joy. :)

    19. Sweeet! I love a good score. I start at my winter seasonal job (at american girl, which i thought was funny since AG has already made an appearance on this comment area!) and I need to go clothes shopping. I told my husband that all I need is like $40 and I’ll have enough clothes to get me through the season! My best thrift ever was a $2 chunky wool sweater from Anthro that retailed for like $148. I love it!

      This is my most recent find, though>

    20. Great outfit, great shoes! I have two blue shoes (royal blue) and now I might look for a lighter blue shoes like yours after this post…

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