Thrifty & Chic: Green Rain Boots


Penelope is going to grow up to be an amazing thrift shopper. I just know it!

Back in April (Penelope’s birthday, in fact) we were running some errands when I randomly decided to pop into D.I. to look for some sweet deals. I passed by the kid’s shoe section & Penelope picked snagged a pair of rain boots that I (surprisingly) didn’t notice.

She promptly kicked off her shoes & threw the boots on. At first I wasn’t too thrilled about these mysterious rain boots, but Penelope wasn’t going to take them off, so I bought them. I’d much rather spend $1 on a pair of boots than deal with a screaming 2 year old. Just trying to keep the peace.

As my sister pointed out to us after a night of babysitting, Penelope’s favorite cartoon character, Kipper, sports the same green rain boots in a rainy day episode. Aw! How sweet. Penelope & Kipper are all matchy-matchy!

Penelope would wear her boots everyday if I let her and she gets compliments on her sweet boots everywhere we go. I love that she’s gotten so much use out of a measly little dollar.

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    1. Elaine says:

      I think they’re super cute! She’s following her mother’s foot steps.

    2. I had to comment on this and share -I bought my little guy a pair of rain boots that he wore for about 2-3 months solid. They were so fun! I think these two could be a match made in heaven! :)

      I absolutely love your site! You are crazy talented!

    3. Amanda says:

      Cheap rain boots are always a great find! I’m jealous.

    4. Laura Chavous says:

      last year I got a pair of rainboots brand new at goodwill for $2. The same pair were sitting on the shelf at target(my fave dept store Since I was In The 6th Grade) for $17. Score!

    5. Adorable! Little kids in rain boots are the best.

    6. Emily says:

      Your daughter is, seriously, one of the best dressed kids I’ve ever seen! And totally darling in her green boots.
      But here is my real question: Where did you get that awesome yellow-striped umbrella?? I love it!

    7. Kathleen says:

      That is so sweet. And yes, Kipper does have green boots! He’s my son’s favorite cartoon character too.

    8. Lu says:

      There is nothing like a great pair of green boots.

    9. Meghan says:

      One of my favorite things to do with my mom is thrift shopping…she is the thrifting queen & she started teaching me her treasure finding ways as soon as I could walk. I love that you are sharing that with Penelope…she will have lots of great memories. Her green boots are precious!!!

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