Thrifty & Chic: Milk Glass


Every time I hit up the thrift store now, I make sure to check for milk glass. I love it, it’s so beautiful, simple & I am head over heels over the patterns found on milk glass vases. I haven’t always been a hoarder of milk glass. In fact, I’m not sure I had ever heard of milk glass until the lovely Kami Bigler told me about it. You should see her milk glass collection. It’s beautiful & real. I’m pretty sure all except for the far right vase are fake. Meh. Whatever. They’re pretty anyway.

Collection (from left to right): $1.50, $1, $2, $1, $1.50 Grand total: $7

I hope to boost my milk glass collection & one day have an entirely white room where I showcase my milk glass. Can you just imagine??! White painted wood floors, white trim, charcoal walls for contrast, white furniture & white milk glass adorning every empty space. YUM. A girl can fantasize.

Do you collect anything fun? What is it?

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    1. quinn emery says:

      I collect owls, and so far I only have an owl pin. But, I don’t know how to wear it! Bummer that it is sitting in my jewlrey box with nothing to put it on…any ideas, Melissa?

    2. Shaela says:

      my MIL used to collect carnival glass. but I think milk glass is much prettier :)

    3. So pretty!

      I collect cardigans ;)

    4. Erin says:

      I, too, love milk glass and am always on the lookout for it. I like your collection! Some fakes are better than others. It is such a bummer when you find what you think is a piece of really awesome of milk glass and it is a crappy imitation with very visible seam lines.

    5. kelley blake says:

      I actually collect milk glass, too! And I collect cakeplates! By the way, congratulations on the bun in the oven! So exciting!!

    6. Lovely Collection! If I had the room to display them, I would definitely purchase milkglass!

    7. Moe says:

      These are beautiful! I love milk glass too. I collect loads of things mainly craft supplies! But I also collect gnomes & nutcrackers. I think they might be related and thats why I love them so! I only have one milk glass vase but I adore the collections of others. :)

    8. Rhonda says:

      Those are all beautiful! My mom used to collect milk glass… my big sis took claim of her collection, darnit!

    9. Lydia says:

      Awesome collection!

      I collect Polaroid cameras. Most I’ve purchased at thrift store for $5 of less. All are different and some take readily available fujifilm.

      And congrats on the pregnancy!

    10. ooh… I collect tea pots. and random mugs. I love that my mug collection has barely any matching ones. There are dainty ones, handmade ones, simple ones… I love it. And I always love choosing which to drink my tea in, depending on my mood. Simple pleasures :)

      I also collect a little bit of the cobalt blue glass – I love how it looks in the window with the sun coming through.

      And I must admit, that I also love milk glass. My mom-in-law has a few pieces and I’ve been keeping my out for them…. for the most part I’ve seen them in antique stores and they range from $10 to about $35 each… so not terrible. Just, not something I need to get started with in the middle of a reno….

    11. Lovely! I don’t collect anything but I’d really like to. I lean toward old frames or some type of glass ornaments. But it’s a matter of finding somewhere to put it all. I am on a mad decluttering binge and I don’t want to add more until I get rid of a lot.

    12. Kami says:

      I love to see other’s Milk Glass Collections! I love your pedestal bowl in the middle! Those are my favorite! I have the same one on the far left. Milk Glass is the first thing I look for. I haven’t been thrifting all summer, and I’m itchin’ to go.

      Thanks for the link, Melissa! <3

    13. Kathryn C says:

      I collect any milk glass that will hold flowers!!

    14. Maren says:

      I collect milk glass, too (and am still waiting for the day when I have a place to display it all!). I collected a ton of it for my wedding last year – so much that I’ve been trying to sell some of it. I have a set of 10 hobnail tumblers left, if you’re interested. Happy collecting!

    15. Casey says:

      I collect pretty plates to hang on my wall. I always thrift them so none are over $5.00….I’ve even found I few at Anthropologie on sale to add to my collection.

    16. Ronda says:

      I collect purses! It’s so hard to get rid of all my purses. I try to find cheap ones that are different and unique. also if I find a plain purse I try to put some dazzles or some fun stuff on it to make it unique. I love how my mom collects spoons. She has a ton hung up in her kitchen. Everytime they go out of town or one of my siblings we try to get a spoon to add to her collection. It’s fun to see where we have all been and the variety of spoons.

    17. Jill k says:

      Invite me to your milk glass room when it’s finished! We’ll wear all white.

      I collect dirty diapers… And overdraft fees.

    18. bink & boo says:

      I collect anything and everything Vera Neumann.

    19. Dianne says:

      I LOVE MILK GLASS. And I totally just started collecting it in the last year or so. I have about six different bud vases, and this really awesome pitcher and tumblers that are a family heirloom. They look exactly like this: My grandma gave them to me, and I am so enamored with them. They are so heavy and beautiful. It makes me happy to have a small piece of family history with me.

      And: CONGRATS ON THE BABY! I know s/he’s going to be just as adorable as Penelope, and I am so excited for you. ;D

    20. Jessica says:

      I collect buttons…and milk glass too. I have for about 10 years now! I love to put them all up on the mantle with tea-lights (the battery operated ones, otherwise I would probably burn down my house) inside them. The glowing, flickering light coming from inside the glass looks so cool.

    21. Douce France says:

      What’s real is that you love it!
      No matter on the brand as long as it makes your day!
      Lovely collection!
      I collect Milk Glass too , it is very addicting!

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