Ecosystem Challenge Recap


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Towards the beginning of the summer, I was given an ecosystem notebook with the challenge to use it for the summer. I welcomed the challenge, because I used to always keep a notebook on hand to sketch in. Sundays were the day when I sketched most. I’ve not done that in a while! My sketching time has diminished incredibly since having Penelope. It happens.

I had a great time using my ecosystem book. I got the small, blank (artist) notebook. It was the perfect size to cart around in my purse and I just fell in love with the coated book cover, perforated pages, elastic closure & secret back pocket.

From a bookbinder’s point of view, this book is well made. It’s sewn, then glued (where many cheap notebooks are just single sheets glued together = not strong). My cover surely took a beating between getting tossed around in my grubby purse & being man-handled by Penelope’s grubby hands, but because of the coating, I could just wipe dirt & mystery sticky stains right off. It was great!

Here are some things that I did with my notebook:

  • I used my Silhouette machine to create the patterned cover
  • I sketched random scenes & patterns when I was bored
  • I wrote down my grocery lists
  • I drew schematic drawings for my project ideas
  • Penelope had her way with a half-dozen pages

Would you like to win one? I totally know you would! ecosystem has kindly offered to give THREE (3) lucky IS•LY readers an ecosystem notebook of their choice*. Here’s how you can win:

  • Visit ecosystem’s site & check out their notebooks
  • Leave a comment on this post telling me what you’d use your notebook for
  • US residents only
  • Only one (1) comment per person
  • Comment by 11:59pm (MST) Thursday, September 23, 2010
  • No purchase necessary
  • Three (3) winners will be chosen via & announced Friday, September 24, 2010

Good Luck!!

*Subject to availability.

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    1. Rosie says:

      I wish filled my most recent notebook to the brim. I’ve been scrawling notes in the margins, and it is starting to look crazy. I’d use to my notebook to write to-do-lists, questions for my midwife, and sketch out ideas for things to make. I’d LOVE the artist style notebook with blank pages. I love all the colors they use especially the watermelon.

    2. Anne says:

      I would either get the advisor and use it to better plan and organize my life, or I would get the artist for jotting down poems and inspiration.

    3. MissJillian says:

      Right now I use a gigantic sketchbook for all my notes, doodles, card design planning, etc. It’s so big though, that it’s not really convenient to tote around with me. It’d be nice to have a smaller notebook that would fit conveniently in my purse to have around when inspirations strikes.

    4. tiffany says:

      you are such a good artist! i’m so jealous of your artistic skills.

    5. tvmom says:

      cute notebooks…i’d use one as a journal and for keeping my lists!

    6. via_ostiense says:

      I’d use the notebook to sketch out quilt designs. Right now, they just reside in my head and on scattered receipts and pieces of scratch paper.

    7. Tauni says:

      Love the notebook, but even more importantly loving your art! You are sooo talented.

      Great to see you the other night at the Rhodes event.

    8. I’d LOVE a notebook! I need something to carry in my purse to jot down all of the random thoughts and inspirations that rush through brain my as I’m running around town during the day.

    9. Virginia says:

      I would love such a nifty notebook… although I would also love it to have such a cool pattern like you put on yours. I would use it exactly like you did. Random sketches, thoughts, plans, lists, etc.

    10. Hollie says:

      These notebooks are soooo cute. I would carry it with me everywhere and keep notes for my business and my kid’s activities in it.

    11. Katie says:

      ooooo! i love these! i would use one for lists, ideas, and drawings. i love the bright colors.

    12. Sheryl says:

      I would love one of these notebooks to better help me keep my mind organized! With profound thoughts, questions and shopping/to do lists! The artist, hardcover, medium size on Kiwi or Watermelon would be awesome! I love the Kiwi or Watermelon color, that way I won’t lose it.

    13. jen says:

      I would use my book for daily sketching on the go. For writing down ideas and sketching things while I’m out and about, so that I don’t forget them before I get home.

    14. Kirsten says:

      i would use it to sketch out wedding invitation ideas.
      also, i have an very grubby purse- so this would be perfect :)

    15. jill harris says:

      I use notebooks for everything. I carry one in my purse at all times to draw or write down ideas. I love that they are small

    16. joy says:

      i’m a notebook girl, too. all my BFA senior show notes/sketches/behind-the-scenes work was in one beautiful hand-made notebook which i’m sure i’ll save forever.

    17. Chatelaine B says:

      i need a place to keep our travel ideas in one place. not to mention those random thoughts of gift giving as the end of the year rolls around so I’m not scrambling on December 23rd!

    18. Shannon says:

      I’m a self proclaimed list-freak. It would be nice to have a book instead of the billions of post-its I have floating around in my purse. :)

    19. Heather HS says:

      I would use it for to-do lists, and grocery lists, and sketches, and craft project ideas, and flower bed layout diagrams, and …..

    20. Lee Ann says:

      I have always kept a notebook in my purse. No high-tech stuff for me. I have a daughter that is almost three and I kept a journal for the first year of her life and wrote down how she grew, wrote stories about her and remarked about her hitting all the milestones and habits. I will be finishing up my 8 month old son’s journal in December. I need a new journal to write down all the cute things a toddler says and all the stories about how the two of them interact and love each other. I will pass the journals down to my kids when they have kids of their own.

    21. Lana says:

      When I worked full-time, I had a notebook that wrote all my tasks in–I managed to stay very organized. Now, between working part-time and being with my little girl the rest of the time, I keep a mental to-do list…uh, yeah, that’s never a good idea!

    22. Meghan says:

      I’d use the author journal for writing little notes to myself and funny things I hear people say so I can remember to tell my husband when he gets home.

    23. christy says:

      I’m torn between the architect and the artist versions. I am a prolific doodler so that would, no doubt, fill up most of the book.

    24. Hey Melissa!

      I’d use it to write down my thoughts since my wrists aren’t up for much typing.

    25. jill says:

      I came across your website googling about h&m in SLC. I love your site – very inspiring!

      I’d give the notebook to my husband who would likely use it for drawing, writing & honey to do’s. :)

    26. julie says:

      These look amazing!

      I am a doodle maniac-so this would be very useful!

    27. Casey says:

      i use little notebooks all the time so one of these would be great to try.

      i’m always thinking of ideas/projects to work on and if i don’t write it down then i forget!

    28. Gretchen N says:

      I would use a kiwi author medium one to stick in my purse and jot down thoughts in. Right now I am working on a project to write about my mother’s youth on my blog, and I have a million thoughts spinning everywhere. The word document I’m using just is NOT as cute. :) Mom loved green, so this notebook could be full of thoughts and memories of my mom.

    29. Taylor says:

      I have been looking for a sketchbook that isn’t too bulky to carry around with me in my purse. I have fallen in love with ecosystem’s lagoon color, and I believe it will be an inspiration every time I pick it up. Oh, what color does for my imagination!

    30. mariah says:

      i would use it to write cute list (movies to watch with my boyfriend, things we need from the store, ect.) & draw cute little pictures of our dogs (one is a pug & the other is a boston terrier).

    31. laura says:

      oh how lovely! i’d love one for recipe notes – i’m forever jotting at post-its and bits of envelopes.

    32. ElaineMicheline says:

      I love jotting down lots of random stuff- quotes I’ve seen or heard, ideas that just pop up in my head, recipes that I want to try, little stores I’d like to visit when I just happen to stumble upon them, etc. etc. I would def. go for the journalist in hard cover in lagoon.

    33. Liz Johnson says:

      I seem to be an accidental notebook collector – I have notebooks scattered everywhere filled with my ramblings and stories. I’d love to have one that’s actually well made. I’d certainly fill it with more stories and lists of projects to be done. Thanks!

    34. Karen says:

      I love the possibility in the Artist! As much as I love lines to keep my writing straight, I am inspired by your sketches and want to leave as much room for creativity as possible in the notebook.

      I like to jot down quotes or passages I find as I read, doodle and just write random things.


    35. quinn emery says:

      I love blank notebooks. I would so use this for doodling and sketching all my ideas down. There are times when I’m at the mall and I see something that would totally be cool, but I could make. That’s when I use a little notebook and sketch it down. I need one for my purse that would hold all my ideas… (and lists…I’m getting to be just like my mother!)
      thanks for the giveaway! I sure hope I win!

    36. Luisina says:

      Beautiful!! I’d use one as a journal and for keeping my lists in order :)

    37. Reez says:

      Oh, this is perfect! I’ve kept journals since I was a little girl and they’re one of my most treasured items! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve actually managed filling 3 books to the brim. I love revisiting the memories I’ve jotted down over the years (and realizing how dramatic I was in my high school years – everything I wrote was sad and tragic although that was a happy, careless time of my life!).

      If I were to win (and I sure HOPE so!), I would love to get an artist one. I’m not an artist by any means but used to have one in high school that I used to practice sketching and writing poems and notes in them.

      P.S. Check out this 5-year diary:
      I use this one daily since I don’t always have the time or *need* to write in my journal.

    38. Alison says:

      I like to keep a blank notebook in my purse to make lists (I love lists), and am in need of a new one. This would be perfect!

    39. sweetcaroline says:

      Would love to win!

    40. Lisa Ziegelheim says:

      I’d carry this around with me everywhere jotting down notes, ideas, sketches, or just anything! I love keeping little notebooks in my purses and am in dire need of a new one!

    41. Charise says:

      I would fill it with crazy adventures. I just moved to Philly, and life is crazy and unexpected here. I want to remember every minute of it.

    42. In an effort to be sustainable I tend to scribble my designs (I’m and interior designer) on sheets of paper that I cut into smaller sizes so that I can carry them in my purse.

      If I had a wonderful Ecosystem notebook I would sketch my design ideas for an upcoming competition that I will participate in. I love their cover designs, the size, the bind….it’s perfect!

    43. Emma Rivers says:

      I’d love a small, artist sketchbook so that i can sketch and jot down ideas while on the go. I have been away from sketching for a while and a new sketchbook would be a great incentive to get back to it!

    44. stephanie says:

      Oh to have a beautiful sketchbook in my purse at all times to capture my musings and occasional brilliance! I keep losing all the receipts where I currently record my fleeting genius! You gotta catch it when you can, right? These are beautiful…

    45. joanna says:

      i would definitely use it for doodling. and for the kids to doodle in while we’re waiting at restaurants & things like that. very very cute!

      p.s. my new silhouette arrived today, it’s still in the box! but they got my business all because of your blog =)

    46. Kayla says:

      Am I still on time? I hope so! This is super cute!!! And i absolutely love your little drawings!! <3

      I'd use my notebook for scketches of jewelry i'd like to make and to write short stories in when im in uuber creativity mode. I'd also keep it my bag all the time so I could use it as a journal to jot my random adventures in. (You see a lot of funny things in the city!!)


    47. pebbles says:

      oh goodness!! i would totally use it for my photography notes!! lord knows i could use a notebook on site and not “i’ll try and remember to write that when i get home..”

    48. Ashlie Rae says:

      i would use it for writing down the constant thoughts running through my head and also to sketch things i see around me that usually end up on napkins. :) i might also use it as a community sketch book, have my beautiful friends write little notes and draw cute pictures!

    49. Emily says:

      i’d doodle, draw, color, make lists (obvi) paste, paint and tape.

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