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This post is brought to you by Hanes.

I have all sorts of hang ups about texture & fit. Seriously, I’m crazy. I can’t touch microfiber unless I have lotion on my hands and I most certainly hate, hate, hate to wear a pair of socks that don’t fit or feel right. Just ask my mom. In the years & years I took ballet, every week it was the same struggle to find the one pair of tights that fit properly. When I say struggle, envision a 14 year old girl crying & screaming because her tights feel gross & like they’re on backwards. As soon as I quit ballet, I quit wearing tights or any sort of sock for that matter. I couldn’t do it.

Just in the last couple of years, tights have become a big thing in fashion. Wanting to participate in current fashion trends, I have given tights a second chance. While I have about 10+ pairs of tights, they’re not all created equally. Some don’t have a designated front or back (ANNOYING) while others might have a muffin-top-inducing elastic waistline. I hate both, but I typically sacrifice my sanity for the sake of fashion. Especially if it means just sporting them for a few hours on Sunday for church. I’m grown up enough to handle that. Most of the time.

When Hanes invited me to try a few samples of their new sheer tights, I was totally game. After all, they could be super comfortable. I am so glad I tried them out! They’re great! They have a label differentiating the front from the back. The material is silky smooth even on spiky I-haven’t-shaved-in-a-week legs. And then there’s the waistband. Ooooh, the waistband is heavenly. It’s smooth, flat & seamless. I’m a fan. Here’s how I wore my tights yesterday:

Outfit Details:

This outfit is sort of a transitional Summer/Fall outfit. I kind of like to call it the Peter Pan look because of the tights & the pointed booties. I’ve been seeing quite a few fashion blogs feature the blazer/short combo & I’m totally sold. I love it. The Sartorialist calls it transitional dressing. I think it’s brilliant & oh so chic.

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    1. Stephanie says:

      My go-to fall outfit is a summer dress (because my closet is 80% summer dresses) with tights, boots and a blazer. Great giveaway!

    2. Heather HS says:

      I would wear them with my TJ Maxx special dresses!

    3. Erica says:

      I have some way cute pairs of boots I bought a few years ago. I love how they look with tights!

    4. Keegan says:

      I would pair them with my favorite lightweight sweater dress and boots, a perfect fall ensemble! Thanks for the giveaway.

    5. Laura says:

      I have really gotten into wearing shorts and tights too! I sometimes throw on a sweater coat when it gets cold… I’ll have to try the blazer thing, it looks great!

    6. Leslie H. says:

      I love tights! When I lived up north, I would wear them all of the time. I still wear them living in the south but not nearly as much. Can’t wait to check these out!

    7. karlis says:

      I have a few skirts and dresses that could definitely be made more interesting with some colored tights.

    8. Kirsten bingham says:

      I love them! I’m obsessed with tights

    9. julie says:

      I have some summer dresses that could make the autumn transition if I sported some great tights.

    10. Michelle says:

      Awesome!! I’m actually wearing some tights (in desperate need of being replaced!) today with a dress and heeled boots! My favorite way to wear tights! Great giveaway!

    11. Amy says:

      You’re not alone in getting really annoyed with badly-fitting tights! I like to wear them with skirts and boots so I don’t have to wear pants every day all winter.

    12. MichelleS says:

      I’d like to wear some fun tights with a pair of light grey booties I’ve had for too long but haven’t had the guts to wear with anything yet!

    13. Rebekah says:

      Cute tights! I’d wear them with a cute black pencil skirt that I bought recently…perfect for fall weather!

    14. rachel says:

      I have the best boot collection in the world and I love wearing tights and skirts and showing off my boots.
      But at 5’11” it isn’t easy to find comfortable tights- I would love to try these and see how they fit.

    15. Ashley says:

      I would wear them with my favorite pair of camel colored boots and my sweater dresses…and shorts…and everything else! ha.

    16. Lilli says:

      Tights are perfect for this weather since fall is right around the corner.

      I would wear my tights with a plaid skirt, floral shirt and simple knee high boots. I love mixing patterns and this is the perfect time of year to give your summer clothes one last wear, of course lets not forget to add the tights.

    17. joy says:

      Oooohhh, I just bought the sweetest pair of black suede knee-high boots that are CRYING OUT for some fabulous tights to slip on underneath them! Oh oh, pick me to win!

    18. Nikki CB says:

      I love tights and these ones sound NICE. I would wear mine with some dresses that are a tad short and would feel a bit more comfortable with something on my legs ;)

    19. Michelle E. says:

      oh man, what would I NOT wear the tights with?!

      shorts, dresses, short dresses….long dresses…long shorts…

    20. Kate says:

      I too love me some tights. I wear them with everything come cooler winter, even under pants. I love that the current fashion trends allow for some color variety in the available tight selection. Those plum-ish tights are fierce!

    21. Desiree says:

      I love to transition my summer dresses into fall with tights and boots/booties. Colored tights and patterned tights are even more fun!

    22. Julie says:

      I wear skirts every chance I get, summer and winter. Boy would these tights get some action!

    23. ElaineMicheline says:

      I’d def. wear my tights with my dresses and skirts- I love wearing both to work and play and think tights with a dress and boots would look very cute. Great giveaway!!

    24. Emily says:

      ah! i’m a school teacher in san francisco and tights, boots and a thrifted dress are a MUST – every day – aside from our current heatwave.

    25. Donna says:

      I would wear them with my skirts and pair them with a cute blazer and of course a pair of boots! It is already getting chilly and I could definitely see myself wearing this outfit soon!

    26. Amanda says:

      I’d probably wear them to Church once I get my body back from my pregnancy. And to be honest I might re-purpose a couple pair into headbands for this baby girl we’re having. Free is free, right?! And I’m always craving a project!

    27. I just got this great mustard color corduroy skirt and I’ve been waiting until the weather gets a little cooler to wear it with a purple lace top, some black tights and black booties!

    28. Libby says:

      I’d sport them with my very favorite Frye boots for church. Then I won’t have to worry about bending over whilst wearing my “not long” skirts!

      P.S. the muffin-top waistband has always been my least favorite part of tights, so these sound divine.

    29. Mandy Ford says:

      Those sound amazing! I’m always searching for tights with a comfortable waistband. Love the plum color! And congrats on the boy news – I have two year old twin boys and they are SO much fun. :)

      Mandy @ This Girl’s Life

    30. Sarah says:

      I have a great grey wool skirt that I would wear with these for fall, add in a knee high boot, a cute sweater and some color matching jewelry.
      Adding a pop of color with some tights sounds really fun and I can’t wait to try this out.
      Pairing with shorts is a great way to extend the use of a summer item while still being warm enough. A plaid long short with high heels would be great for the office.

    31. I would LOVE to wear them with tight jersey skirts and v-neck sweaters, dresses, and maybe cropped jeans? I don’t know, but I know I will have fun trying them out.

    32. Jenny says:

      i used to have the biggest aversion to tights. Until I moved to eastern Idaho. Not only tights can be extremely functional they can be aesthetically pleasing! And I so want these to wear it with my high waisted skirt and black pumps. With a button up shirt and my mustard cardigan.

    33. Erica says:

      Tights are my fall and even winter staple. I’m especially fond of bold colors. Living in TX means being able to go out in your summer clothes with tights and a sweater during early winter! I would definitely wear them with my skirts and dresses. I have this green sweater dress that would look awesome with purple tights and my black knee high boots.

    34. Nilu says:

      I would wear the tights with some short wool skirts I have. I think they would liven them up with the a nice pop of color….Thanks for the giveaway!!

    35. Stacy says:

      funny that I found this post, I keep saying I want to try tights with boots this fall! and I love your look in the picture!

    36. Anna says:

      I love how you wore it, tres chic! But I love wearing tights with skirts and dresses… I’m a fan. Especially with pattern or colored and boots – my favorite thing about winter really!

    37. […] you know how picky I am about tights. After reviewing tights for Hanes, I was so glad to hear I’m not alone in my tight snobbiness! Shortly after the review, […]

    38. Mary says:

      Tights are nice but the outfit… no so

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