Proudest DIY Moment By Guest Madeline


Hi, I’m Madeline. I love all things pretty, and blog about budget style & fashion over at Über Chic for Cheap. I got to know Melissa when we bunked (yep, I said bunked) together at EVO. It was ridiculously fun and Melissa is ridiculously awesome, but you all know that.

Sometimes I see something lovely and expensive and I fall in love with it. The next days and weeks are spent feverishly plotting ways to get that something for myself – without breaking the bank. My proudest DIY moment came about from one of these times. I started coveting this Anthropologie Hidden Hummingbird Tank the second I saw it.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

As soon as I saw the $78 price tag I started plotting ways to make one of my own. Then I remembered this ridiculously awesome fabric that has been in my mother’s fabric stash since about 1991.

It’s a single side floral printed fleece. My mom said she bought it to make my little first grade self a sweat suit. So awesome. I cut the flowers and leaves out to use in my design. I also cut leaf shapes out of the solid blue portion of the fabric.

I laid out the pieces on my scoop neck tee, pinned them in place and hand sewed them on. I added the contrast stitching around the edges while sewing. Then, I added beading to the flowers.

Here’s the finished product:

Looking back, I would have ironed fusible interfacing on the inside of the applique, because the fabric rolls a bit. I also would never put this in the washing machine, and obviously not the dryer.

Other than that, I am really happy with how it turned out. 5 months later I am still completely in love with it.

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    1. Very cool! You did a great job.

    2. Ruth says:

      This is beautiful. Who needs Anthropology when you can sew this wonderfully!

    3. Jennifer says:

      You continue to amaze me everyday!
      That is a wonderful idea and it looks amazing!
      Love your blog

    4. Erin says:

      beautiful shirt! i saw that fabric and cringed- it is so ’90’s! but it totally works on your top. i love it!

    5. LOVED this guest post. What a fabulous job, Madeline!

      Also, Melissa, I am loving your blog. I’m your newest follower!!

    6. Laura Chavous says:

      You sound just like me! Everytime I see something I like my mind immediately sets a challenge and I begin plotting how I can make a better/cheaper replica! its like a game!

    7. Love it! In fact, better than the original. :-)

    8. Amy says:

      You KNOW I love this shirt, Melinda! It is a great piece and is worthy of many, many compliments!

    9. Amy says:

      I mean, Madeline! So sorry! I have a friend named Melinda so I am easily confused! Gosh, I feel horrible!

    10. Jillian says:

      Wow! I am so in love!

    11. kelley blake says:

      i am loving that top! so creative and on a budget price! swoon :)

    12. The revamp looks great – just as good as the much pricier original!

    13. Ann says:

      Oh my goodness that’s a beautiful project. Some fabulous stitching and something I’d be proud to wear.

    14. cara says:

      Seriously, this is so ridiculously spot on, it is.amazing. Great job!! I always have it in my head that I’ll make my own $15-version-of-$x shirt, but I still have yet to execute — so double kudos to you :)!

    15. summer says:

      you really hit the mark on this t-shirt! looks like it could’ve come from anthro, only better. it’s actually handmade and one-of-a-kind! great work.

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