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Well hello, hello. I’m Melanie  author of You Are My Fave and a general fan of all things awesome. That does not include when people misuse the word ironic. I met Melissa in college where we worked together so I’ve beheld her thrifty chicness and talent in person.  I feel as if I get some sort of bragging rights for that.

I’ll tell you what was not my proudest DIY moment. The day in seventh grade life skills class where I sewed the two sides of my mini duffle bag together then cried in the closet while my teacher unstitched it. I learned then and there that I’m not cut out for sewing and I needed to explore other DIY territories. The art of the party entered the scene when I took on the challenge of crafting centerpieces for our prom and decided that staying up to finish them was more important then getting sleep the night before I took the ACT. Those tragic Mardi Gras themed centerpieces were the beginning and this handcrafted pinwheel party is the present.

Hollys_bday_2010 - 046


Hollys_bday_2010 - 044

Every detail was handmade and although pinwheels are on the easy end of things, it was still a proud DIY moment for me. Mostly because it turned out like the picture in my head and that’s a rare, rare thing. Just ask my husband about his birthday cake this year.

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    1. linda says:

      Awesome! It’s so inviting and festive for a party. I love the colors, shapes and textures. You indeed found your talents. I’m smiling with you about the 7th grade sewing debacle; I could share similar stories.

    2. Kami says:

      I love what you did Melanie! So cute! I’m all about the paper crafts.

    3. found your via you are my fave.

      i love what she did for this party. the detail is incredible.

      and…i must say your blog is lovely. such great creative eye candy. i am so amazed by it all.
      i clicked to follow, because i know i’ll *heart* every post!


    4. Karen says:

      Love that garage! The color combo is so festive.

      It’s nice to hear other DIY-ers have issues at times. When I was in school, we would build small scale models of our projects out of wood planks and paper. The director of the program came around to critique our final results, and the first words out of her mouth to me were: “Don’t worry, i don’t have any craft either”. In my head, I heard the Price is Right loser horn.

    5. summer says:

      you come a long way since your mardi gras days! what a stunning color splash on your garage! and those party favors are super cute.

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