Proudest DIY Moment by Guest Summer & Matty


We’re Summer & Matty, and we’re honored to guest post on ISLY, a never-ending source for creative inspiration! We started Domestic Nest just about a year ago. We have two etsy shops, one for our leather goods, and one for other handmade wares. The Domestic Nest Blog is where we write about our home, our business, and whatever else strikes our fancy.

Every month in 2010, we’ve made a specific nesting resolution to improve the aesthetics or function of our home. One of our favorite projects has been the makeover of our entryway. It’s a large space that deserves a grander purpose than simply passing through. In addition to our $7.50 fireplace facelift, we created a workspace. The crowning glory of the room is Matty’s proudest DIY moment. The desk!

The desk is made from scrap wood left over from building our fence, and is the perfect size and height for its purpose. It’s eco, sturdy and good lookin’.  We had plans to cover the top with glass, but we decided against it. With time and a bit of sanding, the wood texture feels just fine. We’ll see what else is born from the fence scraps. We’re working on some custom frames and market displays. The challenge of using scraps or thrift finds in DIY projects fuels our creativity. The best part is tackling the job together!

Thanks, Melissa, for inviting us over. We’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone else’s proudest DIY moments. What fun!

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    1. Emily says:

      I love this desk! What a great idea.

    2. venus says:

      It’s an awesome desk. I LOVE the simplicity of it and it’s a great way to use up all the scrap wood lying around.

    3. Beautiful desk – great job, Matty!
      I love how you made it from remnant wood pieces.

      I’m going to have to show my other half this – it’s a wonderful idea!

    4. Terri says:

      Beautiful! It’s much prettier than the compost bin we made out of our scrap wood!

    5. Gail B says:

      what a great desk! I love the wood too :)

    6. Chris says:

      I really like this table. I am super jealous that you have one and I don’t. The best part is that it looks ridiculously sturdy. You’ve over-engineered it to the point where it will still be around in 100+ years. What will ever destroy that table? Who would ever throw it out? It would make amazing firewood in a pinch, but that’s the only alternate use that I can think of.

    7. Ali says:

      way to go Matty! love the creativity!

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