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Hi IS•LY Readers!

I’m Kami and I blog at no biggie. I’m so happy to be here today! I have loved getting to know Melissa. We both share a love for thrift store finds. Melissa invited me to share my proudest DIY Moment. Over the past year, of all the great thrifty finds I have found, I would have to say that this Mirror would have to be my favorite and proudest moment, indeed.

I was just getting into thrifting, and I had decided to spend a full day going from thrift store to thrift store. On that day, I found this beauty. This big Old mirror was priced at just $10. I know! Just $10! If you saw it in real life you could see how big it is. Luckily it fit in my car.

Here is what it looks like now, you gotta love spray paint:

Below are some pics of the transformation process.

A good friend was over recently and commented, “That mirror looks like it came from Anthropologie.” It was so fun to tell her that I bought it for $10 at the D.I.

You can find Kami at no biggie sharing all of her favorites: great recipes, upcycled thrifty finds and paper crafts. You can also find her blogging on Baby Center’s Momformation blog.

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    1. linda says:

      I am amazed that you could look at that gaudy gold mirror and know that some white paint would transform it so handsomely. Good eyes, good taste and good work.

    2. taylor says:

      Wow! I am so impressed! And jealous! I WANT that mirror! I think you’ve inspired me to go thrifting tomorrow! Gorgeous!!

    3. abby says:

      this makes me want to hop in my car and go thrift shopping…like RIGHT NOW! it’s 10:30pm on a sunday. :) love this!! great transformation.

    4. Lillian says:

      That is gorgeous! I’m not kidding, I went to 3 thrift stores today with the really high hope that I’d find a similar mirror to paint. Of course, I didn’t find one … Amazing find and even more amazing work! Honestly, I would have never envisioned that perfect ending. Seriously, someday I am going to copy that!

    5. Deanna says:

      Amazing! I would not think it even possible to make that hideous mirror into a beauty. Good work! So satisfying that it cost $10!

    6. summer says:

      i just visited your blog and it’s so super cute! this mirror is fabulous. it takes me back to the Domino Magazine days.

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