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Today I’m headed out to visit my folks in Charlotte, NC!! We’ll be kicking it in Myrtle Beach for a few days, so maybe I’ll get to work on my tan. Perhaps? I hear we’ll just barely miss Hurricane Earl, but the folks in the Northern parts of the East Coast might not be so fortunate. I hope this one’s not too bad.

While I’m gone with likely no internet access (a welcome break or torture, I’m not sure) I thought I’d host a little mini series! A few bloggers have agreed to share their proudest DIY moments with you & I am so excited to see what they share. I thought I’d kick off the series by sharing with you one of my proudest DIY moments.

While in college, I had the opportunity to take some 3D art electives. I loved these classes. I almost considered switching my major from painting & drawing to 3D media because I love it so much. While taking these classes, I had access to the studio with all the tools & awesomeness with it. It was great, but I really wanted tools of my own. See, when a million students use the same tool every year, it’s not long before that tool is broken, mangled and/or crusted with mystery goo. I wanted my own tools. BADLY.

For my birthday that year I woke up at 6am, headed to Home Depot & bought a drill & a ton of bits. I was so excited to get this drill I also bought lumber & screws with it, too. Our apartment kitchen needed a stove-side table desperately & I was determined to make one with my new toy. Equipped only with my drill, bits & access to the junkiest mitre saw on the planet, I drafted up plans & made a simple table.

This table has had about 4 coats of paint on it. It started out black, then I wanted a different black, then I wanted white and then I finally settled for green. I also added wallpaper to the table top to make it interesting. It’s great wallpaper.

I love this table. It’s got a shelf. The legs are all the same length so it doesn’t wobble (miraculously) & it’s been from heck to breakfast over the last 6 years & still looks fabulous. I never knew this piece of furniture would last through all of my decorating phases & moves. I love this thing. I did it all by myself & I am proud of the end result.

I hope you’ll enjoy this mini series! If you have a proud DIY moment, PLEASE share in the comments!! I’d love to hear about and see (link to it!) what you’re most proud of making.

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    1. Faith says:

      Have a wonderful trip! I’m looking forward to this mini series. I love seeing the projects other have done; it’s very inspiring. And what a great table!

      My proudest DIY moment was when I built E’s crib. I started the project when he was just a much-hoped-for wish and finished it (many mistakes later) when I was quite pregnant. But I love how it turned out and feel happy every time I see it.

    2. Laura Chavous says:

      Happy trails! we are hoping that earl stays away but eastern nc kinds seems like a “hurricun”(thats how they say it in these parts) magnet. :)

    3. Michelle says:

      it’s adorable and i love the story that goes along with it. something to always remember and be inspired by.

    4. Hillary says:

      Great table. I refuse to throw out this mini band saw I have because one day it might serve such a noble purpose.

      My proudest DIY might be making my circus halloween costume:

      I hand drew an entire circus (inked, scanned in, colored) which I printed and laminated and attached pins to the backs of. I pinned these onto a dress, on which I also sewed 3 gold rings.

      I made the big top out of a fourth of july table skirt, hot glue, foamcore and ribbon.

      I wore striped tights, booties, a top had and carried balloons.

      Before Halloween I told everyone I was being a circus and go the same response every time: (beat) “uh…the WHOLE circus…?” But when everyone saw the costume, they knew what I was. It was cool. I’m not sure I’ll ever top it. (Was a pigeon last year:

    5. Hillary says:

      (oops, that bracket shouldn’t be active in that last link – boo)

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